Who is Dizee?

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Yes, this is an old picture... To be this weight again!


Who is Dizee?

I am your average clumsy, nerdy, reasonably intelligent, perpetually dieting, amateur do-it-yourselfer, avid researcher, world class  procrastinator , professional chocoholic, pet loving friend, wife and mother.

I have two young sons that I would much rather play with than do dishes, cook or file my bills. I have a full time job, three dogs, a house, a husband and still suffer from baby brain (3+ years later).


What is the blog about?


I am a bit of a work in progress, so to speak.  Simplification is the name of my game.

When I figure something awesome out (like making these simple facial scrubs) I get so excited I want to shout it from the rooftops…. But that would just make me the crazy lady shouting from her upstairs window.    Posting about it is much more anonymous (and less embarrassing for my kids).


Why do I have a blog?

Why not?  I thought everyone has a blog now-a-days?

I set up my blog as a resource for my absentminded self –  all my recipes, tips and tricks are in one place.   It is also forcing me to be accountable  (such as my organization of the kid’s playroom…)

Besides, I have discovered a new found joy in writing.  Hey, it’s cheaper than therapy.



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