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Weight Watchers : Deja Vue all over again

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After my morning post, I decided it was high time to go back to attending meetings (which was when I had the most success but only 1 kid….)

My plan is to go during lunch on Thursday… I should be a pro at this already…. look at all my ‘Starting Guides’….

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Wednesday Weigh In : Week 3

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Today’s Weigh In… Up .2 lbs.

Much better than I thought, but, really, I have to buckle down. 

Who would want to read a blog about losing weight if I do not, in fact, lose it?


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Weight Watchers : Can I get a Do-Over?

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Me, eating mini-chocolates covered in peanut butter...

In honor of shark week, I am posting a picture of me today. 

Again, I did not really keep track, which I commit to start tomorrow.   Seriously.  People are reading this now.  :)

8:00 AM  : 4 PT Oatmeal breakfast
8:00 AM – 10:30 AM: 5 mini chocolates (7) covered in peanut butter (um… probably 8 points)
12:00 PM: Microwave Disaster 
12:05 PM : Panic, order Chinese Food
12:30 PM : Given the wrong order… BLAH! (10)
2:30 PM : 4 mini chocolates with PB, (8)
7:00 PM : 1 & 1/2 Pop Tarts, dinner of college students everywhere (6)

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Harmless? NOT! Ice Tea & Mini 3 Musketeers Bars

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Looks Harmless, but can ruin you day!

So, this looks innocent enough, right? 3 mini musketeer bars & a tall, refreshing glass of ice tea. 

Guess again!  The serving size for the 3 musketeers is 7 for 5 points… but these bite size morsels go down way too easy.  I would have been better off having a full-size bar!
And that delicious Ice Tea beverage will cost you about 4 points – more depending on how much mix you use…
Um, next time, I will pass…

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Well, What a Wacky Weekend

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This weekend was not the best.  We had family emergencies up the wazoo… so I didn’t count.  Apparently, I am an emotional eater – go figure.

Stop & Shop Delicacy - I gave it 14 points of goodness. I love my chocolate croissant!

I am very disappointed with myself – I gave myself the excuse to eat.  So, I am going to work on eating right and counting my points.

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Food Diary : 7/20/2011

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Well, sometimes, I just have no self control. 

8:30 AM : English Muffin with a smear of cream cheese (4 WWP)
10:00 AM : Banana w/ smear of PB (3 WWP)
12:00 PM : Delish Veggie Chicken Rice Pilaf (11 WWP)
5:00 PM : 1 1/2 BBQ chick wraps (20 WWP)
9:00 PM : Sealed the deal with White Cheddar Popcorn (5 WWP)

And that, people, is how NOT to do it…

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Food Diary : 7/19/2011

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Oh Dear, tomorrow is my first weigh in… I am not overally optimistic.  The only thing I have been doing right this week is tracking my points


8:00 AM : Typical Oatmeal Breakfast (WWP 4)
10:00 AM : Banana (0 WWP)
12:00 PM : Delish BBQ Chicken Wrap (WWP 11)
2:00 PM : Pineapple (0 WWP)
4:00 PM : 100 Calorie Pringles
6:00 PM : A fantastic meal made by my hubby – English Muffins with Cream Cheese & Jelly.  1 1/2 servings of White Cheddar Popcorn (Amazingly, WWP 11!)
8:00 PM : Had a Market Pantry Ice Cream Sandwich before looking up its value…. (WWP 5)


Sewing my mouth shut for the rest of the night…..

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Yum : BBQ Chicken Wrap (11 WWP)

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Before wrapping, look at all that goodness!

Whoa…. This was spectacular, if I do say so myself.  (Recipe will be posted on Friday)

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much.  I was going to make Boy Scout Chicken when tragedy struck – my potatoes were bad. 

So, I decided to make Looks Professionally Wrapped To Me.... BBQ Chicken and threw in some corn and red onion. 


It was so delicious that I had to post the before & the after photo. 

It came out to 11 Fantastic WWPs.  There are a ton of ways to trim the calories here. 
The filling was only 4 WWP – the problem was the wrap (which was 4) & the full fat cheese (which was 3). 

I was sad to see it end…

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