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Wednesday Weigh In – PSYCH!

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Did anyone really think I would weigh in right before Christmas? I would like to actually enjoy my holiday….

Yesterday we had a delivery of chocolate chip cookies with an OREO inside…. ofcourse I ate one!  And the chocolate covered strawberries.  And the double chocolate cookies.

Back to tracking after the holiday.  Then I will be a lean, mean tracking machine!

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Wednesday Weigh In : I’m Back (mostly)

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Monday I posted about my Thanksgiving Weigh In.

I am happy to say, even with the crap I have eaten, I was down 1.2 this morning.  Still up 1.2 total, but getting there.


Part of my success (if you can call it that) has been my hault on night-time eating.   I find that calling it a day after diner can really help keep that scale in check.

Oh, I am also wearing a smaller size jeans lately, very excited.  I still have some ‘muffin-top-control-issues’ I am working through, but I think we can get there.


There was a very interesting article I read this morning at Get Rich Slowly where the author was talking about Will Power as a muscle you have to work out.  I think this is something I need to start doing (as well as exercising my body… how I can’t fit in a 20 minute walking video is beyond me.)

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My Not-So-Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

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Oh, Dizee has been a BAD girl!! I haven’t had a weight check in a few weeks.  But, I braved the scale this morning & guess what – it was the SAME!

I was floored to say the least… considering the following:


It’s on like Donkey Kong… after Thanksgiving…. Really… You can trust me.

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Craig Diet Weigh In

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I weighed in before I started Craig Diet & I am happy to report I stayed the SAME! 

Some may not feel this is cause for elation, however, I know how much chocolate I have eaten lately.  To me, it was shockingly great!

And, to celebrate, I tried an old pair of jeans on.  They fit! I am totally sporting a muffin top, but I was just so happy the pants closed. 

Overall, I feel motivated to tackle Craig Diet.

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End of the Month Weigh In : Week 4 / Craig Diet Week 2

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Well, once again, success with Craig Diet.  I wasn’t as strict with my lunches, and I tried hard to cut down on crap.   In fact, it took me a full week to finish off a sleeve of Oreos. (it usually only takes 18 minutes…. )

So, all in all, I was down 1.6.  Pretty happy, I will say. 

Now, I didn’t complete my 10 pound challenge, but I am still down overall. 

I have decided that October’s Weight Loss Challenge will be a more doable 5 pounds.  For every pound I lose after that, I am going to buy myself a new article of clothing (that isn’t socks)…

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Friday (?) Weigh In : Week 3 / Craig Diet Week 1

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So, I waited to weigh myself until Friday to give Craig Diet a little more time to work… Well, I lost 2.4 pounds this week. 

And, I wasn’t even perfect.  Which just goes to show you that smaller portions & less crap = weight loss.

I hate it when Craig is right.  :)

Now, lets see if I blow it big time.  Typically, that is what happens…..

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Wednesday Weigh In : 9/14/2011

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Ok, my 10 pound challenge is in peril.

Why is it, after I post a good loss I feel the need to eat chocolate, McDonald’s & Friendly’s in excess??? Seriously.  I have a mental issue.

I need to get a grip – I find it very hard to stay on plan simply because I am NOT ON PLAN.  I didn’t track, I barely measured and I assumed the scale was going to go down.

I think the problem is I am jaded with Weight Watchers.  I have been doing it off & on since my wedding (back then I wanted to loose like 8 pounds…)

So, I am going to re-read the first week notes & get re-motivated.  Besides, I have said (wrote) it before, I will say (write) it again – who wants to read a blog about someone NOT losing weight?

Anyway, I was up .6.  Going to work on getting my head screwed on right with this….

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Wednesday Weigh In : 9/7/2011

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Ok, first time weighing in since I made my 10 pound challenge… I am really nervous to see how I did. 

It was like everyone was conspiring against me…. everywhere I turned there was food.  We even had Burger King for breakfast on Monday!!! ( The Cini-Mini’s are 11 points+ & the blueberry biscuits are 10 points+!  I had the oatmeal, but can’t seem to find out any nutritional facts about it…. it could have been 15 points!?!? )


I digress.  Today I was down 1.8! Very excited, although I was hoping for like 8 pounds and I could have coasted the rest of the month…. :)

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