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How to Make a Ton of Cookies in Minutes

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I love to make cookies.  I always hated the part where I tried to ball the cookies to put on the baking sheet.  Inevitably, I would eat a bunch as my fingers got all sticky.

Well, my angst has ended.  I have found the answer to my cookie-making prayers. 

I use a melon baller, or as Pampered Chef calls it – the Medium Scoop.  It is fantastic & makes cookie baking a cinch – especially if you leave your dough to soften up a bit.  (I used the big ol’ jug of cookie dough from BJ’s, but have also had success with home made cookies.)

I highly recommend it!

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Chalk it Up to Being Cool

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OMG! I fell in love with this at AC Moore this weekend (really, I swear I was only there for 20 minutes on Sunday, but found lots of great ideas…)

Anyhoo – look at how cool this is! A removable sticker that is a blackboard!

I am in love & so is my little man (the pack came with 2, so I stuck one at Cooper level & he has been happliy drawing in the kitchen while I cook).  No more looking for post-its to leave messages for Hubby!

Use your 40% off coupon from this Sunday’s paper & snag it for around 6 buck-a-roos.

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