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Skylander Sidekicks -

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Do we have any Skylander fans in the house? Er… Blog?  Here is your chance to be a Hero…

Skylanders is a video game my boys play, for those who are ‘not-in-the-know’.  It is also an excellent way to spend money since there are approximately fifty different figures you can buy which then can be used during game play. 


My boys are obsessed big fans.  So much so, they totally bugged out when these came in the mail. 


Yes, these are Mini-Skylanders aka Sidekicks.  They don’t contribute much in the way of game play, but they are very cute and my boys are in love!


 And I am in love that I was able to score them for less than the price of a full-size figure.


Frito-Lay is offering a promotion on certain variety bags.  Simply buy a bag which typically sells  for $6-8 bucks.  Inside the bag is a code which you enter online. (Although, it looks like some entrepreneurs on Ebay are selling the codes for only a few bucks.)


You will have to pay $2.50 for shipping & handling, but it is totally worth it.   Looks like they are selling at over $15.00 a pop!

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