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Simple Ways to Save : Loose Change

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Quite honestly, I don’t use my change.  I treat it like a red-headed stepchild.  I usually just dump them into a glass & forget about it.

Well, yesterday I decided to separate my quarters from the other change… $58 dollars!!!

Yeah, what a dummy I have been!

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Simple Ways to Save : Bring Your Own Lunch

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This one is so obvious, I almost didn’t post it. 


I pay an average of $7 a lunch.  Brown bagging my lunch just 3 times a week would save me $21/week for a total of $1,092/ year. 

(Not to mention all the additional calories I would devour !!!)

Click here for all my simple ways to save.

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Simple Ways to Save: Pay Yourself First

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Want to know the easiest, laziest way to save money? Pay yourself !

So easy, my dog can do it

Most of us wouldn’t notice an extra $5, $10 or $20 bucks missing from our bank account.  Simply have your bank auto-move small amounts of money weekly.

$5 a week would get you $260 in yearly savings
$10 a week would get you $520 in yearly savings
$20 a week would get you $1,040 in yearly savings

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Simple Ways to Save : Using an In-Network ATM

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I had it good.  My bank (TD Bank) would let me use any ATM and reimburse my transaction fee.   You know what – all good things come to an end.  What a way to rain on my parade.

What a mean big brother!
Now, they charge me $3.00 & I get hit with a fee by the bank ATM I am using, which is anywhere from $1.50 (rare) to $3.00.   Double Whammy.

You know how I avoid this? I use only TD Bank ATMs or take out some extra money when I use my debit card in stores.

Total Savings – $5.00 a week / $260.00 a year.

Check out my other Simple Ways to Save.  Do you have any painless tips you want to share??? Tell me!

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