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Simple Ways to Save : Keeping Berries Fresh

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I had a berry problem.  Max loves berries – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries – even black berries (I find them weird… sorry Blackberry Fans!).


But they didn’t stay fresh for long!  Even in the fridge.

 Keeping berries fresh


The scenario :  Saturday morning, while I do my weekly shopping, I grab a pint of one of the afore-mentioned berries.   By Tuesday morning they would be gooey, disgusting and occasionally covered in fur.


Especially the organic ones, which would drive the non-organic-loving hubby of mine out of his skull.


Now if I was my grandmother, I would just cut around the offending matter, but mentally I can’t.  Sorry, I am easily grossed out.


So, I started doing some reading.  Some people suggest soaking the fruit in a 1:10 mixture of water to white vinegar.  Ehhhh…. Not really my thing.


Then I found a tip that the berries need to stay dry.


Ding!  The bells started going off.



Now I prep my berries by wrapping them in a paper towel.  I definitely notice getting some additional time out of the package.


Do you have a fruit/veggie storage tip?  I could use it!   I lose more money in  unused fruit than anything else.

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Let’s Start Saving For the Holidays!

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Well, now that we are in September, it is time to start thinking about Christmas… 2014…




Yes, you heard this girl read this blog correctly. 


Holiday Clubs have been a savings mechanism for years.  My Aunt has been doing it since the dawn of time (aka the 70’s).  Simply allocate a certain amount of money each week for your Holiday Fund.  Then you can pay for most, if not all, of your gifts in cash.




(This is the same technique we used to save up to buy our plane tickets for Disney.  )


 I decided to start saving for next Christmas now simply because I find we do most of our Christmas Shopping early.  I have elected to allot twenty dollars a week as my saving target which would translate to over $1,000 by September 1st  of next year (It will be here before we know it!)


I set up this snazzy envelope to track my contributions.  My biggest problem is forgetting if I added money to my fund.  This way, I can check off as I go while also keeping a running tally of what should be in the envelope.  Double Win.


This system will also help me determine if someone with sticky fingers ‘borrowed’ anything from the stash.  Yeah, we all know who I am talking about…


See, I am always thinking!

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Simple Ways to Save : Junk Mail, Skunk Mail

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See this wad of mail? I  commonly refer to it as “Junk Mail”.  It goes right in the trash.  Ok, maybe it sits on my table for a week day or two and then I dump it in the circular-file (aka garbage).

 However, I recently started perusing these documents before throwing them out and look what I found?  Jackpot !  Coupons to our favorite destination – Friendly’s.

Another hidden gem – my friend told me about the Valpak Website.  You can print coupons to restaurants and stores.  Some are local  (like  my favorite pizza place- Gino’s of Bethpage) and others are for national places (like Home Depot).

So, the moral of the story is – keep your eyes peeled for the good stuff.


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Simple Ways to Save : Take the Survey on Your Receipt!

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How many of us blatantly ignore the survey printed at the bottom of our receipts? I know I was one of those silly people (& yes, I am calling you silly).

It is easy cash!  Stores like Old Navy will offer you 10% off your purchase.  Friendly’s offers you $5.00 a $25.00 purchase (major score!) & Rite Aid offers you $3.00 off. 

Don’t be lazy – take the survey.

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Easy Does It – Swagbucks

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I have been told my previous Swagbucks post was confusing (BOO DIZEE!) so I wanted to clarify (Yeah Dizee!) since I am in love with Swagbucks. (And I am talking about the forever kind of love, not some here today-gone tomorrow love.)

Step 1 – Sign In (or Up)

Step 2 – Using the menu on the left side of the page:


  I click on Item A & print any coupons that I could use (you get 10 bucks for every coupon you redeem – but it will take a little time to post).  I don’t check too often.Click on Item B & quickly take the poll. (Earn 1 swagbuck)

Click on Item C and click through the offers (I always select “Skip” & earn 2-3 swagbucks at the end)

Click on Item D and start searching.  I start with my favorite blogs (like, of course…).  I usually win by the 5-6th search.Click on Item E and try my hand at a couple of surveys.  I almost always end up not qualifying for a survey, but I still get 1 buck for your time.  You can get a max of 5 bucks. 


This simple technique earns me around 20 points in 5-10 minutes in the morning.  I do a second search around 4 PM & another one before bed for an average of 40-ish a day.  This doesn’t include some easy ways to earn more bucks – but we will get to that later. 

In the last week alone, I accumulated 500 points with minimal effort (that’s $5 buck-a-roos at Amazon….)


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Recyclebank : Earn More Points!

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Have you signed up to Recyclebank yet????? What are you waiting for? Earn easy points by taking quizzes or making pledges.

 You can use your points to get coupons like $10 off a $50 purchase at Macy’s.  You can even save your points for awesome gift cards to Olive Garden, Best Buy or Walmart!

So, did you sign up yet? I just got another coupon for $2 off 1 Kashi Food item.  Bang!

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Simple Ways to Save : Use What You Buy

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Every week I buy a ton of produce with great intentions of healthy snacks.

Inevitably, I find it sometime later, moldy & gross.

Such a waste – of good food & money.  By only purchasing food I know I will eat, I have saved $5-7 a week, or $260 – $364 a year.

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