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Week 3 of Putting the Pieces Together : Lowering Your Grocery Bill

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Ok, here we are at Week 3…(granted it hasn’t been consecutive.  )

Are you ready to save some decent coin at the food store?  Do you have a love-hate relationship with food shopping ?  Does Extreme Couponing both fascinate & disturb you?  I do my grocery shopping once a week & spend around 20 minutes Saturday morning preparing my list.  (PS Shopping less = saving more…)

In your grocery shopping war, your best allies are the weekly circular, your computer & your coupon inserts stack. 


Step 1) Review your circular & look for sales on items you will use &/or need.  If you don’t like canned beets, who cares if they are on super special? Do you really need 10 bottles of relish?  Doubtful.

Step 2) Make your list and note the price & quantity.  You can even use this shopping list sheet I use… very convenient. 

Step 3) Check out a coupon database site (I use this one from Money Saving Mom).  I simply type the name of the product from my shopping list & see if there are any useful coupons available.  Then, I either print them or search for them in my stack.   (You will get the most bang for your buck when buying an item already on sale & using a coupon.  Click here if you need a ‘Coupon Refresher”)

Step 4) Note on your list which items you have a coupon (or two) to use.

Step 5) Head to the store with your game face on.  Only purchase the items on your list.  Impulse buys will raise your overall bill by 200% (actually, I am making that up, but you get the point.)

Step 6) Before checking out, make sure you have chosen the correct coupon/product combos.  I will put any products I have a “Free” Coupon for at the end of my order to make it easier for the cashier to find the product’s price.

Step 7) Delight in a job well done

I have reduced my grocery bill from $120 a week to $50-$70 a week.  Plus, I am getting more bang for my buck. As Mr. Sheen would say, WINNING….

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Putting It Together Week 2 : Be Part of the Cool Crowd

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Ok, now it is time for the second installment of the anxiously awaited ‘Putting It Together’ series… (HA!)

You should have come up with a new, hip name to call yourself in this money-saving universe last week.   Now is the time to start signing up for things & filling up that empty mailbox.

Do you have a rewards card to your grocery store? NO? What are you waiting for? Sign up now.

Did you sign up for a rewards card for CVS & Rite Aid? How do you expect to save bucko-bucks if you don’t have these?

Did you sign up for the Toys R Us Rewards Card?  How about their Birthday Club? What about AC Moore Rewards?   Are you a Friendly’s Best Friend? Or A VIP at Boston Market?

See what I am getting at? There are a ton of programs to sign up for which offer rewards & incentives to spend & save.  (This is where a little discipline goes a long way).

Hey, as the great people over at Lotto say – You Gotta Be In It to Win It….

I found an important second part to this journey was entering the frugal blogging universe.

Here, insanely dedicated & super smart people cull through all sorts of deals to find the best prices for us normal people.  Sometimes it is like calculus, but they match coupons & sales & store promotions like modern-day Einstein’s.

This is where Blogger comes in VERY handy…  (Thanks Myra!)

Blogger allows me to ‘follow’ my favorite frugal/crafty/cooking/just plain interesting posts (or feeds as it is refered to in the internet world ) in one central place.

The best part – I made my alternate-money-saving-personality through gmail.  Well, blogger uses your gmail account as a log on.

Oh Halleluiah!  One less thing I have to remember!

Here are some of the websites on my blogger account – if you have a few free minutes, check them out.

DoofyDizee (DUH People!!!  :) )
Money Saving Mom – the first frugal/mom blog I found – excellent & interesting resource
Living Rich With Coupons – has great store matches (Love my Stop & Shop!)
Young House Love – One of my absolute favorite sites – Two enjoyable DIYers
Pioneer Woman – Interesting site with awesome photos & fantastic recipes
Couponing to Disney – She does a great job matching deals & finding steals.  Also makes me crave a Disney trip….

Ok, there you have it.  Step 2 is complete – start signing up & taking names people.

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Putting it all Together : Starting Out

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In June I decided it was high time to change my spending.  I discovered a dizzying world of free samples, coupons & frugal ways to save money. 

 It made me crazy! 

 I was constantly looking for the best deal & would be furious when I found out I spent 30 cents too much on fabric softener (really, who DOESN’T hate that?)

Anyway, I found a wonderful world of resources, tricks & tips, so I have decided to share them all – one time at a time.  So, without further adieu:

 Putting It All Together : Tip 1:  Get a pseudonym

Have you always hated your name? Have you wished you were someone else?  Do you secretly wish your friends would call you Charlotte?  Here is your chance to live your dream….

My first blunder when I started down this road to savings was signing up for rewards, coupons & mailing lists with my personal email account.  I have been spammed from here to Miami….  SO annoying. 

I want you to think long & hard about a new email address that you use only on money saving deals.  An easy way would be to add ‘saving’ or ‘coupon’ or ‘most_ exalted _one’  in front of your normal email (ie: which, personally, I think is quite catchy…)

The possibilities are endless, but it really is vital to your money saving lifestyle.  

Click here to create a new moniker & get started on your road to freebies, coupons & all the wonderful stuff in-between.

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