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Setting Up My 2014 Goals (A Free Printable)

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I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!!!  My boys lost their minds when they saw Santa had brought them the Skylander Swap Force Guys they were hoping for.


Now, it’s time to start thinking about next year.



Last year I wrote down my first set of Goals.  I listed all sorts of things I wanted to do both big (Lose 20 pounds!) and small (clean the playroom).


Incredibly enough, I checked off many more items than I thought I would.


Well, honestly, checking any off was impressive from my end.


Either way, it was such a success that I decided to do it again this year.  I am trying to be a little less specific but more defined in my approach (did that make sense? I think it did).


I created 6 categories with 5 goals each (yes, some may deem 30 goals excessive, but hey, go big or go home).


I focused on Home, Health, Family, Career, Finance and the big catch-all Other.


What to know what my goals are?  Sorry, can’t tell you.  If I tell you, they wouldn’t come true.


What? That is only true about wishes?




Ok, Some of my goals are carry over’s from last year (Yes, I am talking weight loss and debt reduction.  I guess this year’s ‘theme’ is streamlining….) But I also hope to blog more (probably come February… I can feel your utter disappointment…. Sorry.)  And I want to spend more time with my boys.


You can download the Goal Worksheet here…. Happy Goal Setting!

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Christmas Labels – ALMOST in time for Christmas!

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Am I the only one who has NOT sent out her Christmas Cards out yet?




That being said, I have gotten so many wonderful Christmas cards where I have been totally envious of the return label.


Yes! I said it!  I love return labels that have a little something-something going on.  ( Teresa, yours was at the top of my envy-list!)


Since I had some time to kill waiting for my cards to actually arrive, I put these return address labels together.




Seeing as it is the season for giving, you can download the labels here so you can print them out yourself!  (It is an excel file)


All you need to do is replace your information for the generic info I included.  Oh, the  label size is 1” x 2 5/8” (I used the Avery Easy Peel ones… I know, FANCY!)


Sorry I waited for SEVEN DAYS before Christmas to send them out…. BAD DIZEE!

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I’m Making a List & Checking it Twice.

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Apparently I am on an ‘Organizing Kick’.  Or, it could be my obsession with picmonkey is developing into an all out sickness.


Honestly, it is probably 50/50 at this point.


Either way, I digress.  Moving on.


I created another new printable – The Christmas Gift Printable!   (I am amazed at how I keep coming up with these witty names…)  Besides, if CVS can have their Christmas display up in October, I can share my list.



Each year, Craig and I run into a problem.


We start buying gifts for the boys early in the year when we start spotting good deals.  We furtively squirrel everything downstairs, hiding it from the boys.  Then, the week before Christmas we head to the basement to start wrapping and sorting only to realize we completely overbought.


Doh!  So much for the savings…


Or, even worse, there have been times when I forgot a gift until the last minute!  (Sorry mom.  Just kidding!).  This year, with both Max and Cooper in school, my list is growing.  Unfortunately, my memory capacity hasn’t.


Inevitably,  there is at least one gift  I purchase and  put somewhere safe only to find it months later.  Usually it is a calendar.  <shaking my head>


I put together this little lady in the hopes I can move past my Gift-Giving Issues.  (If you don’t want an excel file, you can click here to download a pdf file)  Now, just like food tracking, Craig and I need to be diligent enough to actually note what we buy!


You know the saying, You can lead the camel to water….

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Dizee’s Food Tracking & Calendar Printable

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Feast your eyes on my newest creation….  (cue maniacal laughing….)


Apparently my October/Craig Diet talk didn’t resonate too much with the weight loss part of my brain… I am down a total of 1 pound.


Then I realized – the times I lost the most weight included writing down & tracking what actually went into my belly.  I guess seeing ½ a bag of peanut butter cups would stop me from devouring the other half.


There are so many awesome printable lists out there, but since I need to feel the need to constantly reinvent the wheel, I created my own.   I even gave it a witty name –   Dizee’s Food Tracking & Calendar Printable   FANCY!


I included some things that I believe are vital to my success.

a)      Weekly Goals– If I don’t write something down, I tend to forget it (like eggs at the grocery store this week! DOH!).  I figure here I would include some achievable goals (putting away the laundry) and some which were a little bigger (Cleaning the Cabinets?! A necessary evil!)


b)      Small Monthly Calendar – It’s helpful!  No other reason.


c)       Menu – Lately, I have been planning the weekly menu in my head.  Please note item “A”.  #FAIL!


d)      To Do­ – Apparently my husband deems our calendar “art” and we can’t write on it.  This provides a nifty little spot to track our comings and goings.


e)      Weekly Food Tracking- Just because something goes on the Menu, it does not guarantee it being eaten.  Conversely, I never write “Chocolate” down but SOMEHOW it is always consumed.  (Note:  Gina, I have officially eliminated my ‘Trigger Chocolates” from my house.  Little Steps…)


f)       Different Motivational Quotes­- ‘Cause, honestly,   I need all the help I can get.   One new one a week to keep things fresh.  


The plan is to print them out back-to-back (so a Week & the associated food diary are on 1 page).


I created the sheets thru the end of the year (it seemed like a good ending point).  The only caveat is I start this on Monday 11/3 – so I guess you can eat whatever you want until then.  HA!!!


You can download the Dizee’s Food Tracking & Calendar Printable   you can download the zipped word files here so you can edit them and make it your own. (Maybe you want a category “Blog Post” instead of ” To Do”.  To each their own!


Fingers crossed that an organized start to November will lead to a more organized, skinnier me!


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Fall Resolutions

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First off, I need to start off with off with a confession. 

I have discovered Pic Monkey and am completely obsessed with it.  

It is a free online photo editing software and it is spectacular.  I have been using it all week and am editing every picture I can get my hands on.  I highly recommend it because it is so easy to use! I feel very fancy!


Happy October!

To me, a new month is a chance to start over and set new (or not so new) goals.   Who said New Years had the market on resolution?


I always start with an incredible sense of purpose and conviction.  It usually tapers off after my first taste of dessert… And once the gloves come off, it is open season on the candy dish.


Using my new found “talent” with Pic Monkey, I made this October Goals Subway Art to post at home.


PS – Subway Art is what the cool kids call mixing up font type and formats to convey a message. I am sure there is more to it, but I am keeping it simple.


I know, it is amateur hour, but it was fun to create!  I kept thinking of new terms to add as an incentive and motivation.  I finally nixed ”Use the Force”.  Maybe next month.


Anyhow, the most important one to me is No More Excuses.  I am the Queen of Excuses.


Last Month I tried a “Wheat Free” diet.  I took out a book (Wheat Belly) and planned a bunch of meals.



It lasted exactly 8 minutes.



Ok, I am exaggerating a bit for comedic effect.



I made it until dinner.  The hubby made a nice ravioli meal – how am I supposed to say no when he cooks?



The big plan for this month is to focus on eating right and breaking my dependence to chocolate.  Oh why couldn’t I be addicted to exercise or vegetables?



So, I posted this where I hung my weight tracking guide… (Have no fear! I have tucked it away for safe keeping).



Alright! I have a good feeling about this month.  I ate all the chocolate in the house last night… so we should be good to go.

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Let’s Start Saving For the Holidays!

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Well, now that we are in September, it is time to start thinking about Christmas… 2014…




Yes, you heard this girl read this blog correctly. 


Holiday Clubs have been a savings mechanism for years.  My Aunt has been doing it since the dawn of time (aka the 70’s).  Simply allocate a certain amount of money each week for your Holiday Fund.  Then you can pay for most, if not all, of your gifts in cash.




(This is the same technique we used to save up to buy our plane tickets for Disney.  )


 I decided to start saving for next Christmas now simply because I find we do most of our Christmas Shopping early.  I have elected to allot twenty dollars a week as my saving target which would translate to over $1,000 by September 1st  of next year (It will be here before we know it!)


I set up this snazzy envelope to track my contributions.  My biggest problem is forgetting if I added money to my fund.  This way, I can check off as I go while also keeping a running tally of what should be in the envelope.  Double Win.


This system will also help me determine if someone with sticky fingers ‘borrowed’ anything from the stash.  Yeah, we all know who I am talking about…


See, I am always thinking!

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Organization : Weight Loss Chart & Menu Plan for the Week

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Well, it’s Monday.  That means it is time to weigh myself. 

And shake my head, curse for wasting another week, yadda yadda yadda. 

Story of my life.  (I am working a kinder inner voice)


 I created this handy 12 week weight chart.  Why 12 weeks?  Why not.


 Actually, it coincides with how long my pal Myra will be out on Maternity with her little man Averie.  (Hope you are enjoying yourself Myra! I miss you!)


So, now I have no excuse.  Since I don’t have a lunch date, I have been bringing my own lunch.  I am working on incorporating Craig Diet (we have spoken about this before and I am sure you will hear about it again). 


In an effort to keep myself on track, I created this printable Weight Loss Chart (here it is in excel and here it is in pdf form if you don’t have excel). 

I even laminated it so I can’t complain it got wet, dirty, or suffered some other tragedy that would render it useless.  (I also look for any excuse to use my laminator- or the plastic machine as the boys call it)

And see, I even hung it up on my cabinet in my kitchen -for all to see.  Isn’t that ballsy?



To be honest, it has been a slow start.  I am into week 1 and I am down a pound.  However, to be completely transparent, I have been cheating with my old nemesis Chocolate.  It is very hard to resist the call of the Siren.


Here is the Menu Plan for the Week:

Breakfast : Homemade Instant Oatmeal

After Breakfast Snack : Fruit

Lunch: Salad with Easy Lemon Dressing (Will be posted next week – so easy but I have to pace my posts…)

After Lunch Snack: Homemade Popcorn / Pretzels

Dinner : Lemon Chicken with Veggies (I am on a Lemon kick…)

After Dinner Snack : Veggies


Seems like a lot of food, but they are all small portions.  Let’s see how it goes…

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Shopping List / Menu Plan – Download

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I am working on organizing myself.  I set up this sheet to help plan my meals & shopping trips.  I like that I can separate the lists.  I leave the menu on the fridge & take the shopping list in with me.

Menu Planner & Shopping List

Yep, I actually use this to plan my shopping trip

I have been saving 20-30 bucks a week and I wasn’t even trying!  We are eating out less & saving more. 

Download it here – Doofy_Dizee’s_Shopping_List

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