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Opening Pandora’s Box (of Free Music!)

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Alright, it is my first post back on the bandwagon…. I am moving a little slow still.  Sorry!  I plan on two posts a week for the next few weeks – Let’s say Tuesday and Thursday?!


I took off the month of January to center myself, meditate on who I am and where I want to go, and really focus on being a better, kinder person.


Nah, I am just kidding.


I went to Disney, spent too much money and was harassed by a stomach virus that I thought was going to kill me.




Good Times… well, mostly.


One thing I discovered along the way was Pandora. (Thank you Myra!)  Am I the only one who didn’t knowthis?  It is like Sirus/XM radio but with commercials.   Oh, and it is free.


I got tired of listening to the same songs at work and noticed my pal was rocking out with her headphones on and toes-a-tapping.  (ok, not quite, but you get the picture).


Well, Myra told me about Pandora and there is no going back.  There are a million
stations to choose from (I am not above admitting that this NYC girl has been rocking the Today’s Country Radio channel).  You can also enter the name of the artist you like (let’s say Dave Matthews Band) and it will play music by the artist and similar musicians.


Lastly, unlike regular radio channels, you can ‘rate’ songs with a thumbs up or down for better future listening experiences.  And you can even skip a limited number of songs.


Simply head over to their website or download the app for your smartphone and start listening!


Now, if Pandora could clean my house while I listen to the music, life would be perfect….


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