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I’m Making a List & Checking it Twice.

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Apparently I am on an ‘Organizing Kick’.  Or, it could be my obsession with picmonkey is developing into an all out sickness.


Honestly, it is probably 50/50 at this point.


Either way, I digress.  Moving on.


I created another new printable – The Christmas Gift Printable!   (I am amazed at how I keep coming up with these witty names…)  Besides, if CVS can have their Christmas display up in October, I can share my list.



Each year, Craig and I run into a problem.


We start buying gifts for the boys early in the year when we start spotting good deals.  We furtively squirrel everything downstairs, hiding it from the boys.  Then, the week before Christmas we head to the basement to start wrapping and sorting only to realize we completely overbought.


Doh!  So much for the savings…


Or, even worse, there have been times when I forgot a gift until the last minute!  (Sorry mom.  Just kidding!).  This year, with both Max and Cooper in school, my list is growing.  Unfortunately, my memory capacity hasn’t.


Inevitably,  there is at least one gift  I purchase and  put somewhere safe only to find it months later.  Usually it is a calendar.  <shaking my head>


I put together this little lady in the hopes I can move past my Gift-Giving Issues.  (If you don’t want an excel file, you can click here to download a pdf file)  Now, just like food tracking, Craig and I need to be diligent enough to actually note what we buy!


You know the saying, You can lead the camel to water….

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Dropbox Unlocked the Key to my Heart….

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Have you guys heard of Dropbox?  Do you use it?  PS that is their image, I just added my undying love to it…



For those of you who don’t know (aka Dizee two months ago), it is a central location to store files (up to 2GB ) allowing you to use them anywhere.  There are certain restrictions, so you should check their user guidelines, but can I say how life altering this has been?


Keep in mind, I am learning how to become more organized.  It is a slow and generally painful progress.   However, this has helped tremendously.   At a minimum, at least this aspect of my life is organized!  Phew!


How do I use it?


Good question – the possibilities are endless.


a)      I store all my printables, like this one,  here so I can access them when I need them

b)      I keep copies of e-books I have purchased/downloaded so I can read it on the go (some are not ‘kindle’ friendly)

c)       I store pictures I want to send / work on.

d)      I have a little recipe folder where I post ideas/etc so I don’t lose the links (aka my baked potato!)

e)      I keep my running list of blogging ideas & blogging files handy (I know! Very important!!!!)

f)       I keep my “Cruelty Free” product list available



Since the blog is just a hobby and I make no money on it/receive perks, I do not believe I violate any terms and conditions.  I does help my mental health though – I am not sure you can put a price on that!!!!


I am sure there are people who don’t want their ‘stuff’ out there, but  I don’t load compromising information  (credit card numbers, SSN#, etc).  It is so much easier than emailing myself every time I update something!


Does anyone use Dropbox?  I would love to know your thoughts.  I am very, very happy with it!

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Best Nine Bucks I Ever Spent

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 You are looking at a box…. (Thanks Captain Obvious)


But this is not any box.   This box is the best money I ever spent.


Because this box contains cards for every occasion.  Birthdays, Birth of Babies, Congrats, Anniversary.  You name it – there is a card for it. 


I am sure there are other people who could throw something like this together on the fly.

I am not one of these amazing people.


I found this life saver at BJ’s for $8.99 and the cards (all 30 of them!) are totally awesome.  I have used them multiple times (a few of you have even been on the receiving end of these cards). 

This is a much better than my previous method (which was to not give a card… #FAIL!)

Want to know what my most favorite part is? 

I am going to tell you anyway.

The file folders on the inside!  The tabs on the inside help me be more organized (And, as we previously witnessed, I will take organization any way I can get it).

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Little Victory : Tackling the Linen Closet

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My husband has a new woman in his life – Jennifer Lopez.  Yes, as in J.Lo aka Jenny from the Block. 

Ok, more accurately it is Jennifer Lopez’s towels he is smitten with.  And no, that is not a euphemism.   She really does make some spectacular towels

They are available at Kohl’s and while they seem pricey, there are times when you can get a sale and use a 30% off code coupon.  We  paid $6-8 each for most of them.  It’s an even better deal  if you can get Kohl’s cash back.  

 Now, in true Dizee Fashion I ended up having a very sloppy linen closet crammed with too many towels (Yes, I will admit it.  I have an obsession for ‘theme’ towels – Disney, Sesame, etc…. what can I say, it’s a sickness)


I ended up carving out a half an hour and BOOM! Look at what ensued. 

I found a can of powdered formula that expired in 2009….  seriously… classic….

But I was able to make significant progress!

 I can now actually put all my towels in the closet without a crowbar and WD-40.  Score one for Dizee.

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Organization : Weight Loss Chart & Menu Plan for the Week

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Well, it’s Monday.  That means it is time to weigh myself. 

And shake my head, curse for wasting another week, yadda yadda yadda. 

Story of my life.  (I am working a kinder inner voice)


 I created this handy 12 week weight chart.  Why 12 weeks?  Why not.


 Actually, it coincides with how long my pal Myra will be out on Maternity with her little man Averie.  (Hope you are enjoying yourself Myra! I miss you!)


So, now I have no excuse.  Since I don’t have a lunch date, I have been bringing my own lunch.  I am working on incorporating Craig Diet (we have spoken about this before and I am sure you will hear about it again). 


In an effort to keep myself on track, I created this printable Weight Loss Chart (here it is in excel and here it is in pdf form if you don’t have excel). 

I even laminated it so I can’t complain it got wet, dirty, or suffered some other tragedy that would render it useless.  (I also look for any excuse to use my laminator- or the plastic machine as the boys call it)

And see, I even hung it up on my cabinet in my kitchen -for all to see.  Isn’t that ballsy?



To be honest, it has been a slow start.  I am into week 1 and I am down a pound.  However, to be completely transparent, I have been cheating with my old nemesis Chocolate.  It is very hard to resist the call of the Siren.


Here is the Menu Plan for the Week:

Breakfast : Homemade Instant Oatmeal

After Breakfast Snack : Fruit

Lunch: Salad with Easy Lemon Dressing (Will be posted next week – so easy but I have to pace my posts…)

After Lunch Snack: Homemade Popcorn / Pretzels

Dinner : Lemon Chicken with Veggies (I am on a Lemon kick…)

After Dinner Snack : Veggies


Seems like a lot of food, but they are all small portions.  Let’s see how it goes…

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Shopping List / Menu Plan – Download

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I am working on organizing myself.  I set up this sheet to help plan my meals & shopping trips.  I like that I can separate the lists.  I leave the menu on the fridge & take the shopping list in with me.

Menu Planner & Shopping List

Yep, I actually use this to plan my shopping trip

I have been saving 20-30 bucks a week and I wasn’t even trying!  We are eating out less & saving more. 

Download it here – Doofy_Dizee’s_Shopping_List

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