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Worst Christmas Tree… Ever

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So, as they say, this is the most wonderful time of the year!


However, I am harboring some guilt.




Because THIS is my 2013 Christmas tree .


Whop Whop.


With us leaving for Disney so soon after Christmas, I was worried about taking our massive tree down in time.  I worried the dogs would attack the tree while we were away, toppling it for our house sitter.  And, mostly, I was worried that with so much to do before we leave, the tree would just be an added burden.


Yes, call me Scrooge.  I have been called worse.


I honestly didn’t even feel guilty until I pulled this little tree out of the box.  I am not even sure how I was surprised – the box was only two feet long.  How big did I think the tree lurking in there was?




Either way, the kids and I had a great time making the decorations for the tree.  There are some out of play dough, some are blank cardboard ornaments from A.C. Moore that we dolled up and then we made these simple candy canes out of pipe cleaners.

The moral of the story – it isn’t about the size of your tree, it is about the love in your heart.


At least that is what I keep telling myself.


We will do it up right in 2014!



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Doofy Dizee Strikes Again

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Ahhh… just when I thought I was finally getting it together…


What do the items in the picture below have in common?


If you guessed they were are all items I left in my car for a day (  technically 29 hours) you are smarter than I.


Oh, Doofy Dizee Strikes Again.


Besides the obvious waste of food and money involved, I was really disappointed because I had actually made a plan for the week! (Thanks to my calendar/tracking log)


The chicken was supposed to be made into my fav Lemon Chicken.    I had big plans for the ham steak – I pictured using it in a potato and onion home fries type of dish.  In my head, it tasted delish.  And the ravioli – that was supposed to be two weeks’ worth of dinner !


While I maybe out of pocket 12 bucks, I am comforted by the fact some things do not change…  Doofy Dizee 4EVA!



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Fall Resolutions

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First off, I need to start off with off with a confession. 

I have discovered Pic Monkey and am completely obsessed with it.  

It is a free online photo editing software and it is spectacular.  I have been using it all week and am editing every picture I can get my hands on.  I highly recommend it because it is so easy to use! I feel very fancy!


Happy October!

To me, a new month is a chance to start over and set new (or not so new) goals.   Who said New Years had the market on resolution?


I always start with an incredible sense of purpose and conviction.  It usually tapers off after my first taste of dessert… And once the gloves come off, it is open season on the candy dish.


Using my new found “talent” with Pic Monkey, I made this October Goals Subway Art to post at home.


PS – Subway Art is what the cool kids call mixing up font type and formats to convey a message. I am sure there is more to it, but I am keeping it simple.


I know, it is amateur hour, but it was fun to create!  I kept thinking of new terms to add as an incentive and motivation.  I finally nixed ”Use the Force”.  Maybe next month.


Anyhow, the most important one to me is No More Excuses.  I am the Queen of Excuses.


Last Month I tried a “Wheat Free” diet.  I took out a book (Wheat Belly) and planned a bunch of meals.



It lasted exactly 8 minutes.



Ok, I am exaggerating a bit for comedic effect.



I made it until dinner.  The hubby made a nice ravioli meal – how am I supposed to say no when he cooks?



The big plan for this month is to focus on eating right and breaking my dependence to chocolate.  Oh why couldn’t I be addicted to exercise or vegetables?



So, I posted this where I hung my weight tracking guide… (Have no fear! I have tucked it away for safe keeping).



Alright! I have a good feeling about this month.  I ate all the chocolate in the house last night… so we should be good to go.

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Little Victory : Finding the Floor in the Playroom

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Are you sitting down? This is not for the faint of heart.

This was the state of my playroom.



I promise you, there is a floor in there- somewhere.


This room was basically a repository for stuff – broken toys, big toys, the occasional mummy.  You needed a safety suit just to walk into the room.


I was utterly embarrassed by it.  Especially since we bought awesome cabinets from IKEA to store all the kids’ toys.  You can kind of see them in the above picture… if you squint and turn your head sideways.   #OrganizationalFail


One fine day, I had a few precious hours to myself.  I was giddy with excitement and set off to righting the wrongs done to this poor excuse for a playroom.


Amazingly it only took 2 hours to clean it out.  I know, shocking!

In the end, I knew it was a win when Cooper ran into the room and screamed ‘It’s Clean – Max, the room is ACTUALLY CLEAN”

I even tacked up some custom border art made by Max.  I printed a bunch of Halloween images (his favorite) and he painstakingly colored all of them and cut them out.  Then we laminated the images and taped them together using clear packing tape.


Max was beside himself when he saw it mounted to the wall.  He then stated he needed to get started working on his ‘Christmas Border’.

And see, I told you there was a floor buried in there.

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The Dollar Store – A Cautionary Tale

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I believe the moniker ‘The Dollar Store’ is a bit of a misnomer.  I have never, ever,  ever, never, EVER spent only a dollar.  Maybe these stores are just Dizee-Kryptonite?  More likely, I should just learn some self control.


I usually head over there for some benign reason – typically it is wrapping paper.  I hate spending $3.00 or more on wrapping paper that will be destroyed in minutes.  I also cannot cotton to my husband’s notion of always wrapping gifts in Christmas Paper (which, somehow, we have a never-ending supply)


So, this particular day I was heading over to buy some wrapping paper for my friend’s Baby Shower (Yes, yours Myra).


This is what I ended up buying. 




Here was my rationalization process:


  • Wow,  Tiki’s.  Max loves Tiki’s. I can never find Tiki stuff- it’s ok, I it’s only a dollar
  • Spiderman Shield?  Got to buy two for the boys – it’s ok, I it’s only a dollar
  • Water Balloons? Bubbles? Yes please, its summer – it’s ok, I it’s only a dollar
  • What a cute re-useable bag-  it’s ok, I it’s only a dollar


And so it went until I got to the register. 

My bill was Thirty Dollars.

Granted, this shouldn’t have been a surprise.  All I had to do was count the number of items.  But I was still like ‘Oh Crap’

And that is how my quest to save $2.50 on wrapping paper utterly failed. 

Consider yourself warned.



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