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The Library Came to Me!

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So, I just did something I deem crazy – I borrowed a book from the library.  Online.


I KNOW! How exciting, right?


Look, it’s the simple things in life that make me happy.


I went to the Nassau Digital Doorway and started searching.


When I decided on a Vegan book (something I find very interesting but also very intimidating for someone like me), I simply put in my library card number and my main library location and viola’


Boom!  It downloaded directly to my kindle (which I access through my iPhone.)


My book is good until Dec 3rd and I can access it on my kindle.


The best part – there are no books to return.


Does anyone else’s library do this?  My excitement is palpable.

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Library Reading : It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow

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Can I say I was pleasantly surprised?



I am not a fan of Gwyneth (still not, honestly) but the cookbook was much better than I expected.  Yes, there were many, many pictures of a makeup-less Gwyneth, trying to act like a normal person.  She gets a decent amount of bad press for being out of touch with the average human.  Her recent list of Spring Must Haves topped out at over $450,000.  Oddly, that is only 449,950 more than I had budgeted.


Either way, this was a hard book to get from the library – it has been out routinely for months.  So, imagine my surprise when the book was available!  WOO HOO!  I could finally see what all the hoopla was all about.


I honestly skimmed through the introductions – I was really interested in the recipes.  Her “elimination diet” includes no coffee, alcohol, sugar,  shellfish, potatoes, gluten , soy or processed foods  (sounds like Craig Diet).  There is also minimal diary, so it is fairly strict.  I found it intriguing.   I mean, I have trouble going half a day without chocolate.


In the end, I found way more appetizing recipes to try  (I think a total of eight, which is a lot for a picky girl like me).  Actually, my inspiration for the Avocado Toast was based on something her she had in her book (although it included gluten free bread, sliced avocado and vegenaise.)


That being said, my biggest gripe (besides the excessive photos of Gwyneth without food or her  name dropping of some of  the biggest names in the business) was some of the ingredients she was calling for – vegenaise, to me, was the most normal.  What is xylitol?   Apparently, it is a sweetener, but she used it pretty often…I’ll pass, thank you. .  Pimenton? Probably not… Gochujang?  God Bless You (wasn’t that a sneeze? – no it’s actually Korean red pepper flakes.)  What can I say, I am not THAT much of a foodie.


Thanks to, you can click here for some of the ‘best’ quotes of the book (note that best is in quotation marks… you know what that means, right?)


In the end, this is really why I love taking books out of the library.  I made some photocopies of recipes to try and back the book went!

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Library Reading: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home

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First off, I am a big fan of Mrs. Meyer’s Products.  (I usually buy them at Target or Fairway)

Their products contain plant-derived essential oils and smell oh-so-pretty.  And, they are cruelty free – which makes my heart happy. 


So, imagine my shock when I stumbled on this book in the library (just another reason to love that place).  There is a whole book written by Mrs. Meyer’s!



First off – she is a real woman who birthed nine kids in ten years in the late 1950’s-1960’s.  She is officially my hero!  The book is full of practical tips on how to clean everything in your home while raising a growing family.


Her no-nonsense way of cleaning is great – I am trying to practice some of her advice.  Most notably – keeping up with my chores.  This is my greatest downfall – once I let something go (like matching socks) it grows until it is almost insurmountable. 


Almost all  of the recommendations in the book use non-toxic chemicals to achieve cleanliness.  There are charts and advice on cleaning EVERYTHING on your home.  She leaves no stone unturned.

Overall, very impressive and I love how she barely mentions her product line!

Can I give three thumbs up?

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Library Reading : Two New Kiddie Books

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Apparently my boys are just as fickle as me, which is why I love library books!  It is really hard to find a book which appeals to both my boys.  Usually one or the other has lost interest before I get past the third page. 


That being said, imagine my disbelief when I found not one but two books this library trip that are complete winners.  Even better – I haven’t gotten tired of reading them!


Dig, Dogs, Dig – A Construction Tail by James Horvath

This appeals to me on multiple levels. 

First off – there is a blue pup named Max.  (Granted, there was some explaining as to why there was no Green ‘Cooper’). 

Secondly – it is a cute book about construction.  Being that I work in the field, I am always looking for something fun. 

Lastly, he was able to rhyme ‘grader’ and ‘excavator’.  Mr. Horvath is obviously a literary genius.


Twenty Six Pirates – An Alphabet Book by Dave Horowitz

When a dedication starts off thanking  Frank Zappa, the Beastie Boys, House of Pain, Simon & Garfunkel, Bruce Lee and Roy Schedier– you know you have found a gem. 

It is a short read, which is a huge plus when reading a book before bed. 

Each time I read it, I chuckle.   Cooper’s favorite was ‘Pirate Lee.  Needs to Pee’. 

He also wrote a book Twenty Six Princesses.  I can just imagine how adorable that book must be!

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Library Reading : The Honest Life by Jessica Alba

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Let me just start with – this book made me want to go out and buy all new organic furniture. Seriously.  

Overall,  I really liked what she had to say about clean eating and healthy living.   I even took a bunch of notes – I am such a nerd!

This is a fantastic reference for someone new to the whole ‘organic-healthy living’ releam.  There are a ton of cute pictures and some interesting ideas (her vanilla scrub uses coconut oil – very cool!).  There is also a seriously awesome Appendix filled with fantastic links to other sites, companies and resources. 

Per a suggestion in the book, I soaked the boys bath toys in a mixture of distilled white vinegar (I added a decent splash) and some warm water.  EWE!!!!!! The stuff that came off the toys was gross – so I will be doing this way more often. 

My only complaint with the book it seemed to be an ad for her Honest Company.  I felt like she was always suggesting something from the vast line of products – floor cleaner, stain remover, etc.  It would have been a bit of a turn-off to me if I was buying the book.  But, since it was a library read, it gets a 8/10.  I am sure Miss Alba would be flattered by that….

I love the library.


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