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Easy Halloween “Bat” Craft

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My boy Max loves a good craft.  I love an easy craft.  All too often, I can not use these terms simultaneously.


A few days ago we were looking through the Oriental Trading Company’s new catalog.  Max is wild about Halloween and had a list of 40 items he just HAD TO HAVE.


Since that was not going to happen, we started looking for crafts we could easily replicate.  This one is my favorite.  Not only does it use stuff we had on hand, it incorporated my son’s handprint.  I love me some handprints.



What You Need

1 Sheet of Black Construction Paper

Purple, White and Pink Scraps of Construction Paper

2 Googly Eyes

Glue Stick






Trace both hands (Item A) onto the black paper

Trace a circle with triangle ears on black paper (Item D) I used a cup as a guide – I have limited circle drawing skills.

Trace a mouth on the purple paper (Item C) I used the bottom half of a cup as a guide – I also apparently have limited semi-circle drawing skills

Trace a nose on the pink paper (Item E)

Cut off two small triangles for the teeth (Item F)  I just cut the edges of a white piece of paper

Cut out all the pieces

Using the glue stick, attach the hands wrist to wrist

Using the glue stick, attach to the back of the head (Item D) to the top of the hands

Using the glue stick, attach the mouth, nose and teeth (Item C, E & F)

Using glue, add the googly eyes (Item B)

Allow all pieces to dry.


When it was all complete, I had one very proud boy on my hands!  He did 98% of it himself!


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DIY : Kiddie “Fine” Art

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 Picasso?  Monet? Renoir? They have nothing on these kids…



A few weeks ago AC Moore had a crazy canvas sale.  I paid four smack-a-roos for these two canvases and the paint was on sale at Walmart for $.80 each.  (I saw them even cheaper this weekend at AC Moore… Love that store!  Remember to sign up for AC Moore Rewards!) 



I purchased only colors I liked and would go nice in the living room with our Misty Green paint.  This left no room for queries such as “Mom, I think we should paint this orange like a pumpkin.’  I would have been hard pressed to say “No” to the budding artist.


I was hoping to do some cool hand-art, kind of like these great ideas.  But the kids, as usual, had their own ideas.  I still love the outcome, though! 


I wasn’t sure if these were washable, so I stripped them down to their underwear and had them paint outside.    They were easy enough to hose off afterwards.  I hung them with 3M tabs – good to go!


Max painted a monster catcher- notice all his arms!


Cooper went with a more abstract approach.


I haven’t given up on the hand print animals… but that is for another day!

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Easy Homemade Teacher or Coach Gift

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I saw this at AC Moore & really liked it… Turns out it was very simple to make:

I took my 30% off my entire regular purchase coupon, moseyed over to AC Moore & purchased:

  • 3 jelly jars at $1.29 each
  • 1 fabric swatch pack that had 20 pre-cut swatches for $5.99 (if you have more skills than I, you could have bought fabric for $1.99 & cut it yourself)

I then walked over to Rite Aid (convenient they are next store to each other, huh) and bought:

  • 4 bags of Dove Chocolate for $2.99 each (double score because there were dollar off peelies on the bag $1.00 off 2)
  • 4 bags of Hershey kisses (3 regular, 1 dark chocolate) at 2 for $6.00

When I got home, I took out a bowl, dumped the 4 bags of Dove & 1 bag of regular kisses & mixed them all around (okay, maaaybe I ate a few too) and filled up two of the jars.  I mixed the remaining two bags of kisses and added them to the last jar

I covered them with the little swatches of fabric, screwed the cap back on and called it a day.  Not a bad gift for right around $10.00.  (Totally less expensive if you could find a better deal on candy… maybe Target?)

 Did anyone notice I had 1 bag of kisses left over???? Not anymore!!! Those poor guys never stood a chance…..

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Cute Kiddie Crafts : $2 – $5 at Target

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These are adorable & my big boy is addicted to doing them. 

The penguin & snowman came in 2 packs for $2.00 & the tree was $5.00.

I love my tree as my centerpiece. I hate it is there before Thanksgiving, but it is staying all the same….

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Kiddie Crafts : Holiday Frames

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Who doesn’t love a beautiful, handmade gift from a special little guy (or gal)? 

At $2.00 a pop, it is an inexpensive way to get the kids involved with gift giving.  And, if you have an AC Moore Card or 50% off coupon from Sunday’s paper, you are really in for a great deal.


We used our regular washable Crayola paints & added some Halloween stickers & glitter.  (Be wary of the glitter, the dogs are still wearing some that landed on the floor…. )

I am sure that multiple family members will be recieving their own, one-of-a-kind Christmas masterpiece this year – complete with adorable picture.

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Hurricane Irene : Dizee is Getting Ready! (Kiddie Crafts!)

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Well, this is certainly shaping up to being an exciting week….  An earthquake & a hurricane…

I will confess, I am a tad freaked at the thought of being stuck in a house with 2 kids, no electricity&  Irene outside.

So, I am printing out these simple things to do at home… No power required!

Thank you Nick Jr!

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