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The Boys’ Favorite Apps

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 How did parents make a phone call before the invention of the tablet or eat dinner in a restaurant before a smart phone? 


Obviously I am being silly (or am I???).    

These are the apps Dizee my kids can’t live without.  And I am sure they are teaching the boys excellent hand-eye coordination…  

 (And they are all free- but be sure to shut off your in-app purchases.  Another little lesson I learned the hard way): 


Minion Rush


This is my absolute favorite!! We fight over who gets to play.  So easy – my 3 year old routinely beats me.  Actually, he beats me at most of these games….


Jet Pack Joyride

A fun game where the object is to not crash into things… (much like how my dad drives his car)


Monster’s University


The boys love chasing after the mascot!   I am terrible at this game.   


Temple Run 2


Doesn’t require too much thinking –  my kind of game


Temple Run – Brave


Excellent for the Disney Fan.  Sadly, I am not even sure what her name is.  Mierda?  Maybe? 


Sonic Dash


My boys’ new favorite game.  They even take turns to play.  It could be considered the Treaty of Versailles of apps…


Sundae Maker


(or any of the ‘Food’ Maker Apps)  The kids love creating beautiful sundaes (some of which contain maggots or nails… yes, they are part of the extensive choices available).  Delish!


Ant Smasher


You literally squash bugs with your finger. Some are very realistic.  NOT my favorite game.  But the boys love it!


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This is a Library, We Don’t Have Cookies, Just Books

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 (Melissa, I pulled out the Sesame Street reference just for you!)

Am I the only person in the universe who didn’t recognize just how freaking cool the library is?


Seriously, every time I take a book out of the library, it feels like I won the lotto.  What can I say, I am easy to please.


Besides the obvious (books)  my library offers a wide range of DVDs, CDs & e-books.  There is a full children’s room with activities (crafts, board games and computers), a Young Adult section (it’s where all the cool kids go) and an array of conference / auditorium-like rooms in the basement.  


They also offer free programs like Wi-Fi,  tickets to museums, movie nights and free classes.   Oh, and  Air Conditioning.  That is definitely a plus during the 90 degree heat wave we recently got hit with.


I will confess – I am a reformed book snob.  I liked having an assortment of books…. Now, I realize those books mostly take up room and I am persnickety– I tend to peruse books and toss them aside.   


Therefore, the library makes the most sense for me!  I can take books out on anything I want - Green Cleaning,  the Paleo Diet, cook books up my eyeballs.  You name it – the library has it.  And you can even REQUEST books if someone has already taken the book out or it is at a different library.


The Nassau Library system is pretty cool.  You just need to get a library card at your ‘home’ library but can frequent any of their 50 + locations


What I usually do is look up the book or subject I want to read – ie: The Honest Life by Jessica Alba and search for it under the resource list.  I write down the call number and off I go.


The biggest challenge is keeping the kids quiet while I am looking for my books.  Apparently  ‘Let’s look for call number 614. W’  isn’t as exciting as  I-Spy…. Who knew?


So, who else loves the library?  Or, did everyone already know just how awesome the library really is?

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