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A Zombie Game my Kids Love

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“Oh Man, Mom! The Zombie ate my brain!”


This phrase is uttered with surprising regularity in my house.


Max is always on the lookout for not-so-scary games.  He likes something spooky, but not overly scary.


Enter Plants Vs. Zombies!  It is an incredibly cute game where you need to defend your home (and your brain)  from a motley crew of comical zombies.  Your arsenal includes various plants (such as a pea-shooter, cat-tails, corn launchers and watermelon catapults).


Honestly, even Craig and I are into this game.  I enjoy having everyone snuggled on the couch playing.  I just suggest lowering the volume when you play the game in public (since the zombies vocabulary consists solely of “BRAINS”… you may get a few odd looks).


I maybe reaching a little (a lot) but there is even a learning component.  You need to save up ‘suns’ in order to purchase your plants, so there is some math involved.  There is even some strategic thinking skills being worked on (where should you place your plants for greater damage).  Yeah, maybe I am reaching.


There are two versions of Plants vs. Zombies.  The original costs you a buck but the gameplay is a little easier for the youngin’s (and mom) plus it provides a lot of cool features without having to do any in-game purchases.  Plants Vs. Zombies 2 (the screen capture from above) is free, but really pushes the in-game purchases.  A little annoying.


Personally, I am an original PVZ girl – it was a dollar well spent.

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The Boys’ Favorite Apps

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 How did parents make a phone call before the invention of the tablet or eat dinner in a restaurant before a smart phone? 


Obviously I am being silly (or am I???).    

These are the apps Dizee my kids can’t live without.  And I am sure they are teaching the boys excellent hand-eye coordination…  

 (And they are all free- but be sure to shut off your in-app purchases.  Another little lesson I learned the hard way): 


Minion Rush


This is my absolute favorite!! We fight over who gets to play.  So easy – my 3 year old routinely beats me.  Actually, he beats me at most of these games….


Jet Pack Joyride

A fun game where the object is to not crash into things… (much like how my dad drives his car)


Monster’s University


The boys love chasing after the mascot!   I am terrible at this game.   


Temple Run 2


Doesn’t require too much thinking –  my kind of game


Temple Run – Brave


Excellent for the Disney Fan.  Sadly, I am not even sure what her name is.  Mierda?  Maybe? 


Sonic Dash


My boys’ new favorite game.  They even take turns to play.  It could be considered the Treaty of Versailles of apps…


Sundae Maker


(or any of the ‘Food’ Maker Apps)  The kids love creating beautiful sundaes (some of which contain maggots or nails… yes, they are part of the extensive choices available).  Delish!


Ant Smasher


You literally squash bugs with your finger. Some are very realistic.  NOT my favorite game.  But the boys love it!


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