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Dizee’s Little Projects : The Cabinets

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This whole transformation took about 45 kid-free minutes.

  Apparently I am a horder of expired food.  Who knew?

The Cabinets Before - the door didn't sit flush!

An Organized Cabinet = Exciting!!!!

My favorite shelf was the one that looks like it was going to crack... classy

Look at all this extra real-estate!


The moral of the story? Little pieces at a time…..

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Dizee’s Goal of The Week:

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Apparently 3 goals are waaaaaaaaaaay too many, so now  I am making only one:

Pick Up the House before Bed


Seems easy enough, but boy, do I have trouble with it!

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Dizee’s Goals : 9/3 – 9/9

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Allright – I am back (mostly!) 

I have read that writing down your goals will help you achieve them.  I am skeptical, but I am going to give it the good ol’ college try:

  1. Track my food & eat with in points
  2. Start to Exercise (with the Couch to 5 K plan….yes, there is an app for that)
  3. Clean the Toy Room (SCARY!)
  4. Finish the Paper Plate Gourmet section on the blog


Let’s check back on the 9th & see how I did!!!

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