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DIY : Easy, Semi-Homemade Sugar Scrub

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When I saw a Homemade Gardener’s Hand Scrub on One Good Thing by Jillee, I was intrigued.


To say I adore this scrub is an understatement.  I have made it multiple times – and have even given it as gifts!


All you need is a jar, Olay Dishwashing Soap and White Sugar.


Previously I used the pink Olay which smells divine. But this time I wanted something a little different.  So, I went with the blue one.


To me, the real trick is having a great vessel to hold the scrub.  I am totally in love with these little jars (a birthday gift from Mom.  Thanks Momma, I love them!!)


Simply fill it ¾ the way with sugar and add the soap, stirring it as you go along.


That is it.


A word to the wise, I tried using Brown Sugar instead of White Sugar once because I thought it would be ‘exotic’.  It ended up changing the color  – to use a technical term – a poopy pink.  I do not suggest trying that at home.

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Cleaning the Toilet with Baking Soda?

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 Yes, I really did this. 

I am not sure about you, but I get a pink ring of mold growing in my toilet.  It usually starts to appear a day or two after cleaning.  This pink ring is my nemesis.  I did not take a picture – it is gross.


Typically, I tackle it with a Scrubbing Bubbles toilet wand which can be of expensive (not to mention dangerous to those in the family who occasionally drink from the toilet). 

It turns the toilet water blue and inevitably, after flushing, I realize I missed a whole section of the toilet.  At that point, I either have to use another tab or jury rig some sort of scrubbing pad.


In my on-going attempt to Green My Life, I started wondering if I could use Vinegar and Baking Soda.  Yes, in my toilet.  These are the things that go on in my mind.


I did a little poking around on the world-wide-web and people had actually done it before! 


Armed with my cleaning cache   – Vinegar, Baking Soda and a scrub brush from the dollar store – I headed to the bathroom.


I poured approximately 1 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of baking soda and watched in horror as the concoction started to bubble and I thought it was going to explode out of the toilet. 


It didn’t, so I relaxed.  A little.


I put the top down on the toilet and let it sit for a half an hour (or so).


When I went back, I did a little scrubbing and totally marveled at my clean bowl!!! It did a fantastic job cleaning the porcelain throne.


Has anyone else tried this?  I believe I have found my new method of cleaning!

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DIY – Even More Uses for Coconut Oil

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Ok, so here is a little secret – I love coconut oil.  What?  Did you know that already?



I was able to pick up this “Value” size coconut oil from Fairway for $13.99.  Score, since these are a few of the new uses I have for it:

Make Up Remover

Yes, it takes off makeup like no one’s business – even my mascara.

 All I do is rub a little bit between my fingers and it almost instantly begins to melt.   Then I rub it on my eyes and rinse off. 

Everything should be this simple.


Face Wash

I guess this is almost the same as above.  Maybe I should have lumped these two together.  It is the exact same directions as above except (wait for it) across your whole face.


Shaving Crème

Hum… almost the same directions…..  Rub the coconut oil on the area you want to shave and then – shave!  I get a nice, close shave and my legs are so soft when I am done!   I also noticed I have not nicked my legs since using the coconut oil.  Although there is a chance I am just paying more attention to the process.



I have had a terrible patch of skin on my chest for quite a while.  I have used powders, lotions, scratching and could not get rid of the scaly, yucky skin.  Last week I decided to try this miracle oil.  Guess what – it has finally begun to clear.    I am in utter disbelief. 

Mosquito Repellent

I read online that Coconut Oil is an excellent mosquito repellent- which is incredibly exciting to me.  I am the mosquito’s favorite delicacy.  I get bit multiple times just taking the dogs out.  Dizee is on their menu at any time of the day.

So, I lathered myself up, called the dogs and somehow made it out the door.  While I did not get bit by a single mosquito I was licked almost to the point of paralysis by three hungry beagles.  So much for using this around scent hounds.

I hope to test it out again sometime….

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DIY : Kiddie “Fine” Art

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 Picasso?  Monet? Renoir? They have nothing on these kids…



A few weeks ago AC Moore had a crazy canvas sale.  I paid four smack-a-roos for these two canvases and the paint was on sale at Walmart for $.80 each.  (I saw them even cheaper this weekend at AC Moore… Love that store!  Remember to sign up for AC Moore Rewards!) 



I purchased only colors I liked and would go nice in the living room with our Misty Green paint.  This left no room for queries such as “Mom, I think we should paint this orange like a pumpkin.’  I would have been hard pressed to say “No” to the budding artist.


I was hoping to do some cool hand-art, kind of like these great ideas.  But the kids, as usual, had their own ideas.  I still love the outcome, though! 


I wasn’t sure if these were washable, so I stripped them down to their underwear and had them paint outside.    They were easy enough to hose off afterwards.  I hung them with 3M tabs – good to go!


Max painted a monster catcher- notice all his arms!


Cooper went with a more abstract approach.


I haven’t given up on the hand print animals… but that is for another day!

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DIY – All Natural Face Scrub Made With Stuff You Have!

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I am in LOVE!  And this is totally the forever kind of love.

These face scrubs are really super simple and it makes my skin incredibly soft! Plus it costs pennies to make! Score!

I have two different concoctions that I use depending on my mood & what I have on hand.  


Olive Oil & Sugar Scrub



Olive Oil is a great moisturizer and sugar is a gentle exfoliator.  I simply add equal amounts of each to a bowl and stir. I apply this to my face in the shower.  I also use it on my elbows, knees and feet. 

I don’t even put on moisturizer after I get out of the shower.   It is that good.



 Coconut Oil & Sugar Scrub

Coconut Oil has approximately 4 million uses.  Seriously – it is like a miracle product.  Same as above, I mix equal parts of coconut oil and sugar and scrub my face.



Fantastic and smells even better than the Olive Oil scrub.  Be wary of random people sniffing your face, though. 


I have used both mixtures multiple times with no issues – no greasy face, no red skin, no dry patches.  My face did not fall off.  However, be smart.  If you have sensitive skin, test a small area before you try this at home. 




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Easy Homemade Teacher or Coach Gift

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I saw this at AC Moore & really liked it… Turns out it was very simple to make:

I took my 30% off my entire regular purchase coupon, moseyed over to AC Moore & purchased:

  • 3 jelly jars at $1.29 each
  • 1 fabric swatch pack that had 20 pre-cut swatches for $5.99 (if you have more skills than I, you could have bought fabric for $1.99 & cut it yourself)

I then walked over to Rite Aid (convenient they are next store to each other, huh) and bought:

  • 4 bags of Dove Chocolate for $2.99 each (double score because there were dollar off peelies on the bag $1.00 off 2)
  • 4 bags of Hershey kisses (3 regular, 1 dark chocolate) at 2 for $6.00

When I got home, I took out a bowl, dumped the 4 bags of Dove & 1 bag of regular kisses & mixed them all around (okay, maaaybe I ate a few too) and filled up two of the jars.  I mixed the remaining two bags of kisses and added them to the last jar

I covered them with the little swatches of fabric, screwed the cap back on and called it a day.  Not a bad gift for right around $10.00.  (Totally less expensive if you could find a better deal on candy… maybe Target?)

 Did anyone notice I had 1 bag of kisses left over???? Not anymore!!! Those poor guys never stood a chance…..

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