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DIY – Hot Oil Treatment for your Hair

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Fresh off my epic Went-to-the-Library-From-Home, I tried a new hair mask (or masque if that makes it sound cooler).


I had read in multiple spots that coconut oil was great for the follicles.  Interestingly enough, most sites also said Olive Oil would work equally as well to moisturize and tame my tresses.



By now, I am sure you know my motto of “Why Not”.  So, I mixed one TBS of Olive Oil and one TBS of coconut oil.


Then I popped it in the microwave.  Why?  I remember as a teenager using HOT VO-5 Hair Oil and I thought this would be cool.  I also couldn’t figure out how to get it on my hair.


My scientific approach was to microwave it at 15 second intervals until it was warm and runny.  This timed out at 45 seconds for me.


I should mention I did this when Craig was out taking advantage of Kohl’s night owl sales.


What ended up happening was comical.  I ended up with slick hair al-la Miley.  I did not rock the look like she did.


I was a little up in the air on how long I should leave the concoction in.  My first thought was to leave it on all night and shower in the morning.



One look at this face quickly solidified the fact I needed to shower immediately.  Otter, like me, has a thing for coconut oil.


In the end, I washed the oil out of my hair in approximately 20 minutes.


I will be honest – it took a lot of washing.  Overall, I think this is a once-in-a-while type of thing.  Or, maybe, if my hair was longer and more damaged.


The plus side was my hair was indeed shinier and bouncier for days.  I finally used a styling product Monday morning.


So, if you are looking for a hair masque for dry, damaged hair, I would give this one a try.


It also doubled as an awesome Baby Oil.  I tried it on my legs and it made them really smooth!

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How Craig & You Tube Saved the Day!

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Last week, our refrigerator started to give us fits.   (Bad Fridge!)


Initially, it stopped making ice.  This was incredibly disappointing to Cooper who likes to ask for ‘water & ice’ to drink.  He hated drinking just water.   I didn’t even realize just how often I used our ice maker.  Untold times that week I put my cup under the ice dispenser and waited for it to fill.


And waited.


And waited.


You get the drift.


Craig thought maybe one of the lines got clogged.  Armed with a vacuum he moved the refrigerator, vacuumed out the back and checked the tube with the water.


That’s when the noise level in the house rose drastically.   Apparently, somehow a fan bent/broke and was causing the fridge to sound like it was preparing for flight.  I, who can sleep through anything, even found it annoying.


Craig and I discussed our options – call in a service man or buy a new fridge.  We really didn’t want to spend a grand on a new fridge when this one was less than 7 years old.   As for the service man route – we weren’t sure how much it would run to fix the fan and the ice maker.


So, what did we do? We went with option 3 (or C for those of us who used scan-trons as kids).  Craig read up on the broken piece and ordered it for $7 online.


We waited anxiously while the part was shipped.  Would it work?  Would we be screwing it up worse?


I was shocked to come home from work last Wednesday  to find Doctor Craig working behind the fridge, the  fan on the counter and a You-tube video playing.  And, more than a little impressed.  (He doesn’t read the blog either, so I can get away with a compliment here and there… don’t want it to go to his head!)


In less than a half an hour, Craig fixed the fridge!  It was purring like a kitten.  He even jiggled the wires that led to the ice maker and that started working too!


Mission Accomplished.  Craig 1, Appliances 0.   Too bad he couldn’t fix the washing machine when I broke it during the summer.

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My New Sunday Ritual

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I maybe slowly losing my mind.




I want to introduce you to my new Sunday Night Ritual.  And, I swear, my face is literally thanking me for it.


First, I wash my face with a Olive Oil, Sugar, and Vanilla Extract scrub.  I really just dump a bit of everything into a little bowl and try to keep it away from the dogs long enough to slather it on my face.


Then, I follow up with a baking soda/water “mask”.  I am not sure mask is even the right word.  Baking Soda can be used in everything from washing your hair to washing your pots.  Pretty diverse.  I had read that it was a good pore cleaner.  Do I notice a difference?  Yes, a bit.   All I do is mix equal parts water and baking soda.  I spread it all over, especially focusing on the nose area.  After a minute, I rinse it off with warm water.


Then, I follow up with coconut oil as moisturizer.  I slather on a thin layer.



Finally, I laugh at the stuff I just knowingly put on my face.  I do find it hard to believe I do it – but it totally works for me.


Has anyone tried this?  Is the jury out that I am crazy?

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DIY – Homemade Lemon Air Freshener

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There are times when my house smells a little off.  It could be the dogs, the kids or something I made.  Actually, more than likely, it is Craig….


I have been looking for a solution that agreed with my husband’s sensitive nostrils.  If I burn a candle or use a plug in, he will get a headache.  It is uncanny.  There were times in the past when I tried to do these things on the sly.  I would burn a Macintosh candle and then open all the windows in the house.


The end result was Craig with a headache AND allergies.  Not good.  Especially for Dizee.


I also have a fear of plug-ins (like those from Glade or the Yankee Candle Company).  I read a long time ago they could cause fires if they were left plugged in and I worry about something happening while I am not home.


I even bought unscented Febreze but the hubby still said there was a smell.


After one particular episode, the house really needed some airing out.  Without going into particulars, I was losing my mind over a lingering smell that wasn’t escaping the confines of my house with the windows open.


I remembered reading that a bowl of vinegar was supposed to work to ‘absorb’ smells.  Most people suggested white vinegar with a few drops of essential oil.



Well, I am not on the essential oil bandwagon, so I googled lemons.  Lo & behold someone said you can use sliced up lemons.  Score!


Baking soda is also a big odor absorber – it says so right on the box!  Therefore, I used these three items in the trifecta of odor killing.


I simply added a heaping tablespoon of baking soda, a few lemon slices and covered it with white vinegar.  So simple.


Did it work? Yes.  Or No.  I am not 100% sure.  The smell cleared out pretty quickly afterwards, but it could have been coincidence.  I did notice the smell of lemons whenever I got within 10-15 feet of the bowl.


I let the bowl sit out for approximately 24-30 hours.  It ended up turning all nasty and brown.  In my head, it was evidence of all the odors in my home.  In actuality, it is probably what happens when fresh ingredients are left out, uncovered in a bowl.


Will I use it again? Definitely – especially when lemons are on sale.  I love that everything is harmless to animals too – I am klutzy and can pretty much guarantee at some point or another, a bowl of this will end up on the floor.


Has anyone else tried something like this?  I am interested in hearing if it worked for you!

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Kiddie Craft – Toilet Roll Monsters

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Ok, they are not perfect… but then again, no one is….  Well, unless you are Hugh Jackman… I can’t seem to find his flaw… loves his wife, seems like a good dad, obviously takes care of himself, -oh sorry – digressing… back to monsters.



This is another idea from the Oriental Trading Company’s catalog.  Since I had all the supplies, it didn’t cost me a single penny.  The kiddos got to duke it out / choose each monster’s attributes.   The sky is the limit! (Or the threshold of mom’s crafty-prowess – some of their ideas were waaaay outside my skillset)





1)      Determine what your monster will look like (I did not do this and there were some creative differences, shall we say)

2)      Cut out the body (in my case it was a length of cardstock) and glue around the toilet paper holder (I used the real glue here and it held great!  I just had to be a little patient and forcefully hold the paper for a moment)

3)      Cut out eyes, mouths, teeth, hair, antenna, hands, hats, noses, feet, toenails, etc.  I used a coin to help measure & create circles.  I seriously lack the circle-making-skill

4)      Glue all your pieces on and call it a Monster!
Sorry if the directions are lame – but this is really simple and you can do whatever works for you!  Has anyone made these before?  Or any other toilet paper roll crafts?


Update:  Apparently, Otter loved the blue one… Wop Wop…

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Score Another Point for Coconut Oil ! Use it as a Moisturizer.

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Does it seem gross that I have been using oil on my face?


I have  spent a lot of time in the sun, so in order to not look like a shar pei when I finally grow up, I thought I should be using something on my face.     I had been using a (free full size sample) of Olay but stopped after the animal testing epiphany I had recently.


I needed something that went on nice and easy, wasn’t greasy and made my skin baby-bottom soft.  Oh and didn’t cost a boat-load of money.  Enter my favorite non-living thing in the world – coconut oil.


Mentally I had issues scooping it out of the big jar and applying it to my face.  I mean, this is the stuff I use to cook and bake with!  I ended up putting a heaping spoonful into this Tupperware and left it in the bathroom.



I apply it once (sometimes twice) a day right after a shower or washing my face.  I have normal to dry skin and it has worked spectacularly.


My only mistake? Leaving the toilet seat down.  Otter sure had a good time licking the coconut oil out of my tupperware.  Thankfully, it is good for beagles too.


Coconut Oil – King among Oils.    Love this stuff!

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DIY – Shiny Nails Without Polish

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I would like to introduce you to my nails’ new best friends.

 My Tool Kit for Nails that Shine



Ok, so this isn’t earth shattering news.  I bet you have at least 2 of the 3 in your bathroom right now.


I have read about how dangerous nail polish can be (toxic chemicals, yucky smell, and some apparently eat through Styrofoam?!?)


However, my biggest issue with nail polish is durability.  As my name suggests, I am doofy.  I am constantly knocking into something, even when I am not moving.  So, it is a pain in the tuckus when my nail polish chips.


It also doesn’t help that I am relegated to painting my nails outside because my husband has a ‘sensitive’ nose.


Either way, it didn’t really matter.  I never had any nails.  They always broke or cracked or suffered some other sad demise.


Enter these guys.  Ignore my chubby little fingers.  Everything about me is short.  And Cooper insisted the spider wanted to be in the picture, so there you go…


Wow, look at those long nails....



Now, these nails may not look like anything spectacular to some, but the fact is, these are the longest nails I have ever rocked.  I like to stare at them.  Alot.


Yes, I admit this is a little pathetic.


Let’s move on.


Here is how I have been keeping them shiny and growing.  I will preface this with -it is not brain surgery.  But, it has eluded me for the better part of my life.


1)      I have been trying to keep my nails even and without a torn edge.  (Those edges get me every time – I always try to pull them off… then I end up yanking too much and bleeding.  No fun).  You can get a nail file for less than a dollar.

2)      This buffer is my favorite.  I just rub it over the tops of my nails once or twice a week to make them really shine.  I can seriously throw the bat signal up with how shiny the surface of my nail has become.  This fancy one cost $2.50.


3)      Trusty ol’ hydrogen peroxide.  I soak my nails in a 50/50 water & hydrogen peroxide solution once every few days.  It whitens those bad boys right up. ($1.00)


There you have it.  No pricey manicure.  Nice Shiny Nails.


Does anyone else gaze at their pretty nails in a little bit of awe? Just me, huh…

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DIY – Teeth Whitener (with Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda)

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Back before my hiatus from blogging, I posted about  how excited I was to get the Crest Whitening Strips on sale.


Fast forward a year and a half and guess what – I have most of the strips left over.  Can we insert a groan here? Another few bucks wasted.


Well, I started getting the urge to whiten my good ol’ chompers again and was instantly brought back to my abandoned Whitening Strips. This time, though, I remembered a conversation with my friend who told me she whitened her teeth with – wait for it – hydrogen peroxide.


I did some searching online – I honestly didn’t remember the ‘how’ of her process and I didn’t think this is one of those things you can completely ‘wing’ (like my coconut oil experiments).


I came up with a plan of action – I would brush my teeth with a combo of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. And I would do it when my husband was  not looking – this is one those things he would just shake his head about.


Armed with my tools:

  • a baby toothbrush the kids outgrew before I used it ($1.99)
  • my buddy  baking soda (fifty cent at the dollar store)

Sorry, I couldnt help it

  • and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (which cost me a full buck)

First, I brush my teeth with regular toothpaste.

Then, I simply mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 2 parts baking soda in this little bowl (actually, I use an  icing container from a package of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls… I kept it because I thought someday it would come in handy.  Look at me – recycling.).

I then use my baby tooth brush and take care of business brushing my teeth. I spit & rinse as usual.

I try to do it every few days.

I swear I noticed a change in my teeth… Has anyone tried this?  Am I slowly losing my mind?

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