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A Few of My Favorite Cruelty Free Products

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PS- (Can I add a PS when I just started a post??? I am not sure, but I am doing it anyways)  This isn’t a paid post – I just felt like sharing my love for this stuff…


One of my new resolutions is to use cruelty free products as often as possible.  Why?  Look at these faces!

I just can’t believe companies STILL test on animals.  (You can read more here… bring tissues….)


That being said, I can’t afford to spend a ton of cash on stuff… so, I am so excited to say I found shampoo, conditioner AND body wash that I love at a price I can stomach.


Let me introduce you to Organix.  As you can see, I have quite the selection –I love the way they work and smell.  Best
part – I got the smaller bottles for $4 and change on sale at STOP AND SHOP!  I have to do more research, but they
seem to run just under $6.  The big, ginormous bottle? That is a BJ’s purchase for $9.99…  Sometimes, I can even find coupons for the Organix line! It is almost too exciting.


I also love the Kiss my Face brand which I bought on Amazon using a gift card from my beloved sister-in-law (Thanks Melissa!!!!! ).   They each ran less then $6, although I had to buy  added enough stuff to my purchase so I didn’t have to pay for shipping and handling.  I guess Amazon had the last laugh there.


Either way, I am happy that my little purchases make a bit of difference.


I am looking for detergent now.  I am not a huge fan of the lavender scent I see Seventh Generation uses.  And my husband would have a cow if I bought the $12.99 bottle and brought it home.   Sadly, I had to let my Purex Crystals go…. They were my absolute favorite but since they still test on animals, I am out…. Which reminds me, I owe them an email.


Anyone else have cruelty free products they love?




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Burt’s Bees Are Not The Bee’s Knees For Me…..

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Ok, I have been talking about the cruelty free things I love (like my kick-butt Josie Maran mascara… I still heart it to the moon and back.)


One of the things I have really been trying to figure out is how to go cruelty free in the shower.  (Did that sound funny?)  I totally did not realize how hard it would be to find a shampoo & conditioner that would work well on my crazy hair but still be animal friendly.  Oh, and not break the bank.


I used to use Suave but they are on “the naughty list”.    Same for Herbal Essences and Dove.     All the ones I liked!



So, I was genuinely surprised when my hubby bought me these Burt’s Bee’s products.  He knew they would appeal to the ‘green’ side of me.  I almost returned them, though, when I saw they were 9 dollars each!  That is a far cry from my $1.00 a bottle I was spending using coupons and good old sales.


Well, I used this products for a few weeks and am not impressed.  I love the Burt’s Bee’s line, but ehhh – it isn’t cutting it on my hair.  I am one big tangled knot after every shower.  And I feel really bad because I want to support products which are Earth Friendly.


My search continues… I just bought a bottle of Organix Moraccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner for $4.99 each!  Update to follow!


Life would be so much easier if companies just stopped testing on animals!

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Dizee’s Fav – A Cruelty Free Mascara that Works!

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Before we get to the post, I just wanted to say I am not compensated for anything posted on this site (you can check my disclosure here).  I just want to spread the word on products I really like (or don’t !).  


NOTE:  I now use Superhero by IT and looooove it!


I needed new mascara.

But I did not want it to be tested on animals.

And I did not want it to cost a zillion dollars.


I knew this could be the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack.


I was super excited to try the Organic Physician’s Formula mascara, but alas, it did not work for me.  It was a fantastic price (less than 7 bucks) but I ended up with raccoon eyes.   The look may work on them, but on me? Not so hot.


Then I heard about Josie Maran Cosmetics.   Since I have an awesome mom (who reads my blog faithfully – Hi Mom!) she volunteered to buy me a Josie Maran mascara for my birthday!


Oh, it was exciting.


The mascara is priced at twenty-two smackers, which is a bit more than my Cover Girl LashBlast.  But it IS cruelty free, paraben free and contains organic ingredients.  Josie Maran Cosmetics even teamed up with City of Hope to donate mascaras to cancer patients/survivors based on mascara units sold.  It sounded like a win.


Now to the twenty-two million dollar question was – did it work?




Partly due to my obsession with Pic Monkey and partly due to my need to show you the awesome results of the mascara, here is a selfie of eyeballs.

 The proof is in the pudding

Ta Da!


And for those of you (like fellow cruelty-free friend Theresa)  who would like a look at the brush, here you go.  The obligatory wand shot…


And I tested it vigorously – I have been able to go all day without it smudging.  I have cried watching these beagle rescue videos without it running.  And I have given a 3 year old a bath wearing it.  It stayed strong.


So, while I know it costs more than the drug store available brand, I am very happy with my new Mascara.   I also believe this maybe my one and only selfie.


Anyone else have a cruelty free product they love and want to share?



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Dizee’s Public Service Announcement….

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What do Sally Hansen, Bobbi Brown, Clairol, Arm & Hammer and Estee Lauder have in common?


They all still test on animals.  Isn’t that so 1970’s?  Click here to get a complete list – I was very disappointed to see some of the names there…


Guess what else– 96% of dogs used in testing are Beagles, primarily for product and drug testing.



The same traits which make beagles such excellent family dogs also work against them when it comes to testing, poking and prodding.  They are friendly animals who rarely bite and adjust well to whatever is thrown at them.


I was horrified!  I don’t know why, but I just assumed animal testing was passé.  I guess ignorance is bliss …  You can check here for a comprehensive list from PETA of those who do and don’t test on animals.


So, I have made a conscience effort to start changing my spending habits – I will be sharing some cruelty-free alternatives that I have already fallen in love with (and some that aren’t too hot).



And I found my reward for when I hit my goal weight – this adorable shirt! And I love that I would be supporting the Beagle Freedom Fund.  They do wonderful things to find these poor laboratory patients new, loving homes.  If you have a minute (and waterproof mascara) you should check out some of their rescues.


Thank you for allowing me my rant!

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