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Simple Ways to Save : Junk Mail, Skunk Mail

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See this wad of mail? I  commonly refer to it as “Junk Mail”.  It goes right in the trash.  Ok, maybe it sits on my table for a week day or two and then I dump it in the circular-file (aka garbage).

 However, I recently started perusing these documents before throwing them out and look what I found?  Jackpot !  Coupons to our favorite destination – Friendly’s.

Another hidden gem – my friend told me about the Valpak Website.  You can print coupons to restaurants and stores.  Some are local  (like  my favorite pizza place- Gino’s of Bethpage) and others are for national places (like Home Depot).

So, the moral of the story is – keep your eyes peeled for the good stuff.


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Week 3 of Putting the Pieces Together : Lowering Your Grocery Bill

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Ok, here we are at Week 3…(granted it hasn’t been consecutive.  )

Are you ready to save some decent coin at the food store?  Do you have a love-hate relationship with food shopping ?  Does Extreme Couponing both fascinate & disturb you?  I do my grocery shopping once a week & spend around 20 minutes Saturday morning preparing my list.  (PS Shopping less = saving more…)

In your grocery shopping war, your best allies are the weekly circular, your computer & your coupon inserts stack. 


Step 1) Review your circular & look for sales on items you will use &/or need.  If you don’t like canned beets, who cares if they are on super special? Do you really need 10 bottles of relish?  Doubtful.

Step 2) Make your list and note the price & quantity.  You can even use this shopping list sheet I use… very convenient. 

Step 3) Check out a coupon database site (I use this one from Money Saving Mom).  I simply type the name of the product from my shopping list & see if there are any useful coupons available.  Then, I either print them or search for them in my stack.   (You will get the most bang for your buck when buying an item already on sale & using a coupon.  Click here if you need a ‘Coupon Refresher”)

Step 4) Note on your list which items you have a coupon (or two) to use.

Step 5) Head to the store with your game face on.  Only purchase the items on your list.  Impulse buys will raise your overall bill by 200% (actually, I am making that up, but you get the point.)

Step 6) Before checking out, make sure you have chosen the correct coupon/product combos.  I will put any products I have a “Free” Coupon for at the end of my order to make it easier for the cashier to find the product’s price.

Step 7) Delight in a job well done

I have reduced my grocery bill from $120 a week to $50-$70 a week.  Plus, I am getting more bang for my buck. As Mr. Sheen would say, WINNING….

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Better Late than Never : Wendy’s Kid’s Meal Coupons

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Have you eaten at Wendy’s lately? You know I have….  The kid’s meals come complete with a TRU coupon  for a $10 gift card on a $75 purchase (not good on electronics, though).  Tasty!

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Target Did It Again : Another $10 gift card on $50….

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Hey! The coupon reset!!!

You can get a coupon for a $10.00 gift card when you make a $50.00 purchase (which is soooo easy- & fun- to do there!) You will need to like them on Facebook & click on the link.

I think the site is being slammed now, so be patient.

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Hallmark : 30% off your Order

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Hey There, Hallmark is offering a 30% off personalized Holiday Cards for their Facebook Friends!  Use code FRIEND30

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Freebie : Gather Together Coupon Book

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Click here for to request your new Gather Together P&G Coupon book…

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20% off @ Restoration Hardware (12/8 – 12/12)

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Are you a fan of Restoration Hardware?

Use code F2P2011 to get 20% off on your online purchase.

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Get 25% off your Macy’s Bill (Good Until 12/5)

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Click here to get your 25% off coupon good on your next Macy’s Purchase…

Thanks Freebie Shark

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