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Cliff Notes : How to Coupon Like a Pro in 35 Minutes or Less

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I have a very simple coupon system which works very well for me.  See below….


This is how I typically coupon:


  1. I collect all my inserts for the week (from my Sunday paper, inserts graciously donated by Mom, Grandma & Auntie I, or additional papers I buy) and cut out any awesome coupons that I would use with or without a sale (like Silk Soy Milk)
  2. After reviewing, I clip the all of those now tattered weekly inserts together, put a post it note on the pile with the date and throw them (place them gently) into a pile on my desk.
  3. I gather up my mini-pile of must use coupons and put them in my “Awesome Coupons” envelope.  This goes in my pocketbook (come on ladies, we know your pocketbook is big enough to hold this precious bundle, so just do it.)

Total Time : 15 minutes

 Thursday / Friday

  1. Wait for the kids to fall asleep on Thursday / Friday & circle all the good deals (like Ragu 4 for $5!!!)
  2. Utilize a coupon database (like Money Saving Mom’s  Coupon Database) to see if any coupons were issued for my circled products lately (yeah!  $0.75/2 Ragu Pasta Sauce  9/11/2011 RP Insert (exp 10/9/2011) !!!  Makes these  jars just $.50 each!)
  3. Pull out my 9/11 pack of coupons from my stack, grin in satisfaction as I cut the coupons, and put it in my Coupon’s for Today’s Adventure envelope.
  4. Repeat while I review Stop & Shop & Pathmark’s inserts, making my ‘To Purchase’ List as I go along.
  5. When I am done, I stretch, clean up my mini-mess & put my clipped coupons in my “Adventure” envelope & into my pocketbook.
  6. Relax & watch TV.

Total Time : 20 minutes 

I try to post my findings after lunch on Fridays, so if you check back then, I will have completed steps 1 & 2 for you…. Aren’t I a sweetie!

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