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Best Nine Bucks I Ever Spent

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 You are looking at a box…. (Thanks Captain Obvious)


But this is not any box.   This box is the best money I ever spent.


Because this box contains cards for every occasion.  Birthdays, Birth of Babies, Congrats, Anniversary.  You name it – there is a card for it. 


I am sure there are other people who could throw something like this together on the fly.

I am not one of these amazing people.


I found this life saver at BJ’s for $8.99 and the cards (all 30 of them!) are totally awesome.  I have used them multiple times (a few of you have even been on the receiving end of these cards). 

This is a much better than my previous method (which was to not give a card… #FAIL!)

Want to know what my most favorite part is? 

I am going to tell you anyway.

The file folders on the inside!  The tabs on the inside help me be more organized (And, as we previously witnessed, I will take organization any way I can get it).

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