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My ‘Essential’ Grocery List

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Last week I made a formal decree – I was only going to spend $35.00 on groceries for the week.  I thought about my beautiful stockpile & I was sure I could do it….

HA! Fooled myself big time.  My total was $70.  Still not bad, but I decided this morning to figure out exactly how much my ‘neccessities’ are:

(yes, currently chocolate croissants are necessities) 

5 Banana Yellow
2 Stop & Shop Milk Vitamin D (Plastic Jug)
Silk Soy Milk Original Natural Refrigerated – 2 pk
Mission Tortillas Flour Medium – 10 ct
Arnold Whole Grains Bread 100% Whole Wheat
Beefsteak Bread Rye Seedless Soft
Perdue Fun Shapes Chicken Breast Nuggets Dinosaur Shapes Fresh
Stonyfield YoBaby 3 in 1 Meals Apple & Sweet Potato – 4pk Organic
Stonyfield YoBaby Yogurt Whole Milk Peach Organic – 4 ct
Stonyfield YoBaby Yogurt Whole MIlk Blueberry Organic – 4 ct
4 Fresh Rolls
4 Fresh Muffins/Croissants

 Total : $45.00 – $50.00 depending on sales and without coupons…

Doofy Dizee…. sometimes, I wonder what I am thinking….

Anyway, seting my overall weekly budget at $60 should do the trick.  That, with coupons, should give me some wiggle room for extra purchases (peanut butter, meat, veggies, etc) each week….

We will recoinviene Monday to discuss…. 


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It’s 10 PM, Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

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Pop Quiz, hotshot. 

  1. What is your monthly mortgage payment?
  2. What arethe APRs on your Credit Cards?
  3. How many more car payments do you have?
  4. How much was your last electric bill?
  5. What is the square root of 144? 

So, how many answers do you know? A few months ago, I would have only known number 5.  I used my credit card to charge everything and assumed it got paid in full monthly.  HA!

Reality came when I opened a credit card bill and almost lost my lunch. 

My husband does a fine job of handling the bills, but I had no concept of how much we actually spent.  In retrospect, I should have asked.  I just never thought to.  I guess I assumed we had little fairies paying our bills.  (I suspect these are the same fairies I thought were cleaning our house)

I developed a spreadsheet  similar to this to figure out what our fixed bills were.  I then took a deep breath.  I then multiplied everything by 12 to get an approximate yearly cost.  I then took another, deeper breath. Exhaled.  And started to look for ways to save.  Aggressively.

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