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It’s a Very Boston Market Thanksgiving… again

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I know there are lots of people who look forward to cooking their Thanksgiving feast.  Maybe they break out their great-grandma’s stuffing recipe and spend hours trimming the turkey.


I give all of them a ton of credit.  A round of enthusiastic  applause.


I am the antithesis of this person.


I get my feast from Boston Market.  I know, I am not perfect….


Seriously.  And guess what – it is delicious and relatively inexpensive.


This year will mark my fourth year of using BM as my go-to Thanksgiving Day chef.  And to celebrate this special occasion, I am sharing with you my menu & cost.  (Anyone else excited?  Anyone???)



There are five carnivores who will partake in this feast.    Note the double stuffing – that stuff takes up a very big portion of my plate.   And yes, we only buy a 3 lb turkey breast.  We all agree the sides are what makes the meal.


My dad is able to attend this year (stupid cancer ruined previous years) and he will be bringing twice-baked potatoes.  Yes, the homemade kind.  Impressive, right?


And for all you skeptics – there is a chance you can still screw up the meal.  Everything is pre-cooked but it does need to be heated through (most of the sides are 30-45 minutes at 350.  I think the turkey takes 90 minutes or so).  As someone who has finally mastered the art of boiling water, I still feel some anxiety at mealtime.


And, would you really expect someone who utilizes Boston Market to use real china plates?  Yeah, me neither.  However, I do like to go a little crazy and get the clear cut Chinet plates.  It makes me feel ritzy.   (You can get a $1.00 coupon by signing up at


Clean up is a cinch too – I buy the aluminum plates from the dollar store and we just throw them out when we are done.


Don’t worry – I will post pictures of our extravagant buffet.   Hey, at least I am not claiming I cooked the whole meal from scratch!!!

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Department Store Mirrors & Boston Market

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Well, I came back from dress shopping depressed, but with a dress.  Why do those dang dressing room mirrors have to be so fresh!

 I ended up getting Boston Market for lunch – (what a horrid picture!!!!!  Looks like I am eating it in a dungeon)

Although the food was delish.  I was shamed into opting out of my usual (veggie stuffing) & had the veggies which were very, very good and ONLY 1 points+. 

Total Dish – 8 points+

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Boston Market – $1.00 Coupon Book

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Next time you head over to Boston Market, be sure to bring an extra dollar to pick up their holiday coupon book. 

Besides all the great meal coupons (like free soda with your meal, free kid’s meal with a purchase of an adult meal, and many great others) there is also $15.00 off a catering meal.

Boston Market caters a great Thanksgiving – trust me.  That is just how Dizee Rolls.  :)

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