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3 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had A Baby

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ahhh, hindsight is 20/20, isn’t it?

    1. Anesthesiologists are not miracle workers.  Giving birth still hurt.  But you get a baby out of it, so it turns out OK. 
    2. After 18 hours of labor & popping out my little bundle of joy, I still looked pregnant!  This is another joke life plays on you.  Finally, when I got down to my pre-baby weight – boom, preggers again. 
    3. Babies eat, sleep and poop money.  Here are some programs I wish I had known about at the beginning! 
      1. Formula
        Similac - By joining, I received fantastic coupons & free samples.  
        Enfamil -  Same deal as Similac.  Partner up with someone who uses Enfamil, both of you sign up to the programs & swap coupons.
      2. Diapers
        1. Pampers Gifts to Grow:  Awesome program.  Every pack of diapers or wipes come with a special code.  Accumulate enough and you can put your points towards fantastic rewards – shutterfly books, BJ’s gift cards & toys.  Here is a list I compiled thanks to Money Saving Mom & Couponing to Disney. Don’t spend all your points in one place!
        2. Huggies Enjoy the Ride:   This program is similar to Pampers Gifts to Grow.  This means FREE STUFF.  And, thanks to Money Saving Mom and Couponing to Disney, here are some rewards to start you off.


      3. Food
        1. Yo Baby-  Both my boys LOVE their yogurt.  Sign up to be eligible for coupons for free yogurt and other great stuff… 
        2. Beach Nut Rewards :  sign up and receive coupons!!!  Click here for free a toddler pack! (I received a coupon for a free Stage 4 product!)
        3. Gerber – receive the  Gerber Generation Back Pack when you are in the hospital.  Check and see if your hospital is participating.  You can also sign up for their program here
      4. Information
        1. Baby Center - I loved this site!  There is a ton of information available on just about every topic.    I typically would search ‘When will baby sleep through the nite’ during those 2 AM feedings….
      5. The Whole Deal
        1. Amazon Moms : My friend Lisa (the genius who told me about Ebates) was telling me how much she loves the Amazon Mom’s program. You can save up to 30% on diapers & wipes, plus, most other items are 15% off.  And, when you spend $25, you get free shipping

 Happy Shopping & Saving!

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