What Dizee Is Buying – Rite Aid 7/10 thru 7/16

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I have

I know the question on everyone’s mind is – What is Dizee Buying

 I did a little detective work at lunch and this is my Rite Aid Plan Of Action…..

I currently have $5.39 in Up Rewards, $3.00 off a $15 purchase & $5.00 rebate for a total of $13.39 that I can spend before taking money out of my pocket…. oh the excitement!  Now, I just have to wait until Sunday!

  1. 2 Purex for 1.97 each (total $3.94)
  2. Oral B Floss for 3.99, use $1.00 coupon from last  weekend’s P&G insert, get back $1.50 in Up Rewards (total $2.99, $1.05 for future purchases)
  3. Cottonelle for 2.99, use my Free Coupon (free)

My total will be around $6.57.  I will use my $5.39 in Up Rewards, so my overall total should be around $1.18… let’s see how this pans out!

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Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free????

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I have received all these items since May 25th…. Free!!! And this doesn’t include everything.  I wasn’t obsessive at the beginning, so I didn’t photo everything.


And yes, I did change the roll of toilet paper after taking the photo of the Tide Stain Release.  (That was a Facebook Freebie)

(I added two more freebies… jealous?)

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I’ve Got Mail – My First Freebies…

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Ah, the memories…. My first freebies I recieved back in May…. It was very exciting – just wait until your freebies start coming in the mail.  You will understand. 

My First Freebies
I was sooooo excited! My husband thought I was CRAZY!

I recieved:

  • Free Sample of Eucerin Everyday Protection Moisturizer
  • 2 samples of Invisible Glass & a Rebate for 3 dollars on a purchase
  • Coupon for a Free Package of Cottenelle Flushable Wipes

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Freebie – Eucerin US Everyday Lotion

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Ohhhh, I love this stuff!

Free Sample!

I got my free sample last time this was available  I am totally waiting for this to be on sale!

 This is a Facebook Freebie, so you will need to “Like” Eucerin US to qualify.  Click here to get your sample & possible coupons (I got 2 last time).

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Food Diary – 7/6/2011

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So, today wasn’t so bad…

  • 6:00 AM – 2 pretzels
  • 8:30 AM – Instant Oatmeal & Raisins
  • 10:30 AM – Banana & Natural Peanut Butter (don’t knock it until you try it!)
  • 12:15 PM – PB & J on Potato Bread (BAD but soooo good!) Homemade Fruit Salad (mango, pineapple & strawberries)
  • 3:00 PM – 100 calorie Pringles Pack
  • 6:00 PM – Lender Bagel w/ homemade cucumber salad, handfull wheat thins
  • 8:30 PM – MnM Kudos Bar (only 100 calories & delish), 4 oz 1% Chocolate Milk

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Shopping List / Menu Plan – Download

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I am working on organizing myself.  I set up this sheet to help plan my meals & shopping trips.  I like that I can separate the lists.  I leave the menu on the fridge & take the shopping list in with me.

Menu Planner & Shopping List

Yep, I actually use this to plan my shopping trip

I have been saving 20-30 bucks a week and I wasn’t even trying!  We are eating out less & saving more. 

Download it here – Doofy_Dizee’s_Shopping_List

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I’ve Got Mail – Freebies 7/6/2011

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So, these are the little goodies that were waiting for me today… And I bet all you got were bills

Freebies in My Mailbox!

  • Playtex Sport Tampon
  • Shout Color Catcher
  • Coupon for 1 Free Suave Naturals Creamy Body Wash

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Thanks Myra!

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For being the best!!!!!!