Paper Plate Gourmet : Theresa’s Broccoli Slaw Pasta

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I can take absolutely no credit for today’s recipe – it is all my pal Theresa.


This is from that wonderful little brain of hers – broccoli slaw pasta, kind of my Spaghini  (Zucchini Pasta).  Maybe we should call this one Brocslasta (Broccoli Slaw Pasta – I am creative like that….)


This is something I could totally get into and is perfect for those of you who do not have a Julienne  Peeler  (CK, I am talking to you, girl.)



Broccoli Slaw (I always see it in my Stop & Shop)

Olive Oil, 1 TBS

Minced Garlic, 1 teaspoon, more or less to taste

Red Pepper Flakes, a couple of dashes, more or less to taste

¼ cup of Water




  1. Steam the Broccoli Slaw (I would try the Microwave until soft-ish)
  2. While that is steaming, mix the olive oil, minced garlic  and red pepper flakes and heat in a skillet over medium heat for a few minutes
  3. Add the Slaw and water to the skillet to coat everything


Seems simple enough that I will have no problems with it!

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Dizee Did it Again…..

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AHHHHH!!!!  I was home yesterday with the little ones and I really thought I would get a post done.





It’s been crazy lately, but I have a plan to get back on track.




Of course, I have been saying the same thing about losing weight for years and haven’t done it…..


Kiddie Stuff : Playing with Balloons

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I must be getting old.  I forgot how much fun a balloon can be.



Seriously – my kids and I played non-stop for hours (ok, it was probably thirty minutes, but, in kid-time, it is equivalent to 7 hours worth of play time).


We happened to take a balloon with us when we left Friendly’s last week.  Oh My Goodness – the fun fest that followed was almost illegal.  I wonder if I could count the playtime as exercise?


I seriously believe these should go in the Emergency-Entertainment First Aid Kit for kids.


First we just played volleyball with it, then, when that started to get tiring, we tried to play using only our feet.


I am utterly un-coordinated.


We followed this up with a rousing game of Monkey in the Middle.


The only one who didn’t enjoy the balloon was Pinto – but he is an old fuddy-duddy.


So remember, when all else fails, a balloon will buy you some time.

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The Sunchips Saga…..

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Sorry for the late post – we had quite the weekend.  I don’t know why I always think I will have time to write when I am home!


I have a sad story to tell you – but there is a happy ending.


See this bag of French Onion Sunchips?  I bought them on sale and had been biding my time before opening them (all of three days, but it was a herculean effort).



I love French Onion Chips and the plan was to have them with my lunch or as a snack at work.


Can you imagine how miserable I was when I opened the bag and <gasp> they tasted like regular sun chips?


There may have been an expletive or two uttered by Dizee.  But then I started wondering – could it be me?  Maybe, somehow, I ended up with an inability to taste French Onion chips?


The horror!


But no – I forced others to try the chips and they assured me there was absolutely NO French Onion to them.


Why this long drawn-out story about artificial French Onion seasoning on chips I probably shouldn’t be eating anyway?


I was so upset that I ended up emailing Frito-Lay chips to tell them about the crushing disappointment I felt at this situation….


Guess what they did? They sent me the coupons below – and I received them in days!


The moral of this little parable? It never hurts to let a company know you encountered a problem.


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Paper Plate Gourmet : Chicken Soup

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You can call this everything but the kitchen sink chicken soup.  Or maybe It’s-All-Good soup!  Or Anything Goes Soup… you get the picture.


It is C-O-L-D and I had a hankering for some soup, but knew I had to use the veggies I had in the fridge.


I ended up using zucchini, onion and carrots.   And I felt very sophisticated portioning out individual servings of soup into these glass jars and freezing them.



1 or 2 Zucchini, cut into pieces

1 or 2 Carrots, cut into pieces

1 onion, cut into pieces

1 tbs of minced garlic, (to keep the vampires away)

1 teaspoon of olive oil

1 lb of chicken breast, cut into – you guessed it- pieces

1 large container of chicken broth (I used Kitchen Basics box – I think 32 ounces)

Salt ( I like Sea Salt)




  1. Precut everything!  Make your life easy!
  2. Put the olive in the bottom of a large pot, and heat over medium heat
  3. Add the chicken, salt and pepper
  4. I let this cook for a good while, 10 minutes-ish, turning the chicken, so it cooked evenly.
  5. Add the garlic, carrots  and onion, let that cook up for a bit
  6. Add the zucchini, cook for another 3-4 minutes
  7. Add the chicken broth, let that puppy cook up for another 10-15 minutes
  8. Eat!


I have mental issues when I only eat soup for a meal, so I usually like something else on the side.  You could always add some pasta and call it a day.  As an aside – I tried adding potatoes once, they didn’t freeze well.  Blech!

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Simple Ways to Save : Don’t Buy In Bulk (WHAT?!)

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I have a problem.  I am sure this will surprise you, but when I get a bug up my you-know-what, I tend to go a little nutty.   I’ll spend money, time and lots of energy on my newest endeavor only to (usually) give up mid-stream.



Recently, I decided to go organic with my oatmeal.  I headed over to Fairway to buy organic raisins, organic flax seed and walnuts.


Initially, I put all full size bags into my cart.    Then I started to feel apprehensive.  I was doing what I always did – jump in with both feet without even looking to see how deep the water was.


I quickly totaled what I had in my cart – Twenty Five bucks!


What was my problem!!!!! I started putting the items back and shaking my head at myself when a light bulb literally went off in my head.


Fairway has a bulk section!


Honestly, I was always a little scared of that section.  Often, I would gaze at the myriad of choices and would be tempted to buy something – maybe Red Quinoa?  Possibly Almond Flour?


Yet, whenever I would finally summon the courage to try it,  I  would picture myself incorrectly releasing the bin and spilling  the contents all over the floor.


Such is my imagination.


But that day was different.  I asked an employee to show me how to use the bins.  (Incidentally, it was incredibly simple.  Doofy Dizee)


Instead , I bought the above items for less than $3.00 total.  SCORE! Especially since I haven’t made oatmeal in 3 weeks.  How annoying would it be to have a $8.00 bag of Organic Raisins taunting me every morning.


The moral of my little story?  Sometimes it pays to buy a little at a time rather than going all in.

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Green Cleaning – My Wood Floor

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I maybe the only person who has this problem…. But, then again, I have learned to never assume.



My buddy Pinto has apparently taken a liking to the taste of the dining room floor.  Seriously likes it.  As in, he licks it enough to create this disgusting film on the floor.



I will never understand beagles and their taste buds.


Anyhow, it is unsightly and more than a little gross.  One day,  I was tossing around ideas on how to clean the floor when one of the kids dropped their glass of water.  And when I say kids, I really mean me.


Amazingly enough, the water cleaned through that grime like no one’s business.   But, it was still grossing me out.   I wanted to clean it with something stronger than water but it had to be dog & kid friendly.   I was not going to be busting out the Swifter Wet Jet anytime soon.


My other concern was the finish of the floor.  We had a water based finish applied when we bought the house 9 years ago.  It was supposed to be more durable than other finishes ( it is still holding up nice.) but I didn’t want to ruin it.


My thoughts went right to White Vinegar because it is a mild disinfectant.   And Non-Toxic.  And Cheap.


I read a couple of things about vinegar – apparently there are two schools of thought.  Some people like it for cleaning floors  (Non-toxic wonder product!), other people, not so much (it could dull the finish).


Throwing caution to the wind, I made a very simple solution which was 1/3 vinegar & 2/3’s water.




Everyone helps out cleaning the floors – I made it a game with a silly song “Scrub, Scrub, Scrub the Floor, Rub, Rub, Rub and Scrub”.


I know – clever!  I am thinking of getting it trademarked…


I use the brush only in the hard to clean spots and I don’t scrub hard (I don’t want to ruin the wood).  For the most part, I just spray and wipe.  I sometimes use rags, but it makes them so slimy that I typically just throw it out.


I have used this method around a dozen times, every few weeks to months depending on Mr. P and his floor obsession.

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How Craig & You Tube Saved the Day!

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Last week, our refrigerator started to give us fits.   (Bad Fridge!)


Initially, it stopped making ice.  This was incredibly disappointing to Cooper who likes to ask for ‘water & ice’ to drink.  He hated drinking just water.   I didn’t even realize just how often I used our ice maker.  Untold times that week I put my cup under the ice dispenser and waited for it to fill.


And waited.


And waited.


You get the drift.


Craig thought maybe one of the lines got clogged.  Armed with a vacuum he moved the refrigerator, vacuumed out the back and checked the tube with the water.


That’s when the noise level in the house rose drastically.   Apparently, somehow a fan bent/broke and was causing the fridge to sound like it was preparing for flight.  I, who can sleep through anything, even found it annoying.


Craig and I discussed our options – call in a service man or buy a new fridge.  We really didn’t want to spend a grand on a new fridge when this one was less than 7 years old.   As for the service man route – we weren’t sure how much it would run to fix the fan and the ice maker.


So, what did we do? We went with option 3 (or C for those of us who used scan-trons as kids).  Craig read up on the broken piece and ordered it for $7 online.


We waited anxiously while the part was shipped.  Would it work?  Would we be screwing it up worse?


I was shocked to come home from work last Wednesday  to find Doctor Craig working behind the fridge, the  fan on the counter and a You-tube video playing.  And, more than a little impressed.  (He doesn’t read the blog either, so I can get away with a compliment here and there… don’t want it to go to his head!)


In less than a half an hour, Craig fixed the fridge!  It was purring like a kitten.  He even jiggled the wires that led to the ice maker and that started working too!


Mission Accomplished.  Craig 1, Appliances 0.   Too bad he couldn’t fix the washing machine when I broke it during the summer.

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