Dizee’s Rookie Mistakes – A Free Ebook!

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Guess who is good at making mistakes?  This Girl!

Guess who likes writing about these mistakes?  You guessed it – This Girl! 

I want you to know I worked very hard to earn the nickname Doofy Dizee.  This didn’t happen overnight – it took many long years of clumsiness and bungling to be worthy of this moniker. 

I put together this little e-book which chronicles my ten biggest mistakes when it came to saving money.   Let me tell you – some of them are rather spectacular failures on my part. 



My goal was to create something short and sweet (just like me).  Hopefully you will also find it informative. 


What has been your biggest mistake when it came to saving money?  I would love to hear it (it would go a long way to making me feel better about my errors! Help a girl out and dish on a money blunder!  I won’t judge!) 


Happy Reading! I hope you enjoy my Rookie Mistakes!


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