Stretching a Buck (Saving!)

What a tool! (Inexpensive Tools from Ace Hardware!)

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Or should I say – tools?!



This post was approved, or should I even say endorsed by none-other than my other half – Craig!


He had just been shopping at Ace Hardware and noticed these little gems.  These tools are normally marked at around $12.00, but were on sale for $6.99.


I know, sounds pretty good, but there was also an instant in-store coupon for $5.00 off!  Making each of these bad boys only $1.99 each.


So yes, Craig really got all these tools for around $12.00 plus tax.


The only catch (which isn’t really a catch) is you have to be an ACE Rewards card holder. It is free to join and you get all sorts of little perks, not to mention a $5.00 coupon when you accumulate 2,500 points.


So, do you have anyone who just bought a house on your Christmas list?  You could put together a nice little tool kit!

The Sunchips Saga…..

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Sorry for the late post – we had quite the weekend.  I don’t know why I always think I will have time to write when I am home!


I have a sad story to tell you – but there is a happy ending.


See this bag of French Onion Sunchips?  I bought them on sale and had been biding my time before opening them (all of three days, but it was a herculean effort).



I love French Onion Chips and the plan was to have them with my lunch or as a snack at work.


Can you imagine how miserable I was when I opened the bag and <gasp> they tasted like regular sun chips?


There may have been an expletive or two uttered by Dizee.  But then I started wondering – could it be me?  Maybe, somehow, I ended up with an inability to taste French Onion chips?


The horror!


But no – I forced others to try the chips and they assured me there was absolutely NO French Onion to them.


Why this long drawn-out story about artificial French Onion seasoning on chips I probably shouldn’t be eating anyway?


I was so upset that I ended up emailing Frito-Lay chips to tell them about the crushing disappointment I felt at this situation….


Guess what they did? They sent me the coupons below – and I received them in days!


The moral of this little parable? It never hurts to let a company know you encountered a problem.


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Week 3 of Putting the Pieces Together : Lowering Your Grocery Bill

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Ok, here we are at Week 3…(granted it hasn’t been consecutive.  )

Are you ready to save some decent coin at the food store?  Do you have a love-hate relationship with food shopping ?  Does Extreme Couponing both fascinate & disturb you?  I do my grocery shopping once a week & spend around 20 minutes Saturday morning preparing my list.  (PS Shopping less = saving more…)

In your grocery shopping war, your best allies are the weekly circular, your computer & your coupon inserts stack. 


Step 1) Review your circular & look for sales on items you will use &/or need.  If you don’t like canned beets, who cares if they are on super special? Do you really need 10 bottles of relish?  Doubtful.

Step 2) Make your list and note the price & quantity.  You can even use this shopping list sheet I use… very convenient. 

Step 3) Check out a coupon database site (I use this one from Money Saving Mom).  I simply type the name of the product from my shopping list & see if there are any useful coupons available.  Then, I either print them or search for them in my stack.   (You will get the most bang for your buck when buying an item already on sale & using a coupon.  Click here if you need a ‘Coupon Refresher”)

Step 4) Note on your list which items you have a coupon (or two) to use.

Step 5) Head to the store with your game face on.  Only purchase the items on your list.  Impulse buys will raise your overall bill by 200% (actually, I am making that up, but you get the point.)

Step 6) Before checking out, make sure you have chosen the correct coupon/product combos.  I will put any products I have a “Free” Coupon for at the end of my order to make it easier for the cashier to find the product’s price.

Step 7) Delight in a job well done

I have reduced my grocery bill from $120 a week to $50-$70 a week.  Plus, I am getting more bang for my buck. As Mr. Sheen would say, WINNING….

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Free Kindle Books

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Granted, I am new to this whole Kindle Universe… but did you know Amazon has a list of free Kindle books you can download? 

This is very exciting since they change frequently… so bookmark the page.


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How I Saved 400 Bucks By Making 2 Phone Calls

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Seriously, it pays to question your charges.  I recently received two bills in the mail – a $190 doctor’s bill for my little guy & a $306 contract agreement from my oil company.

Old Dizee would have just shook her head & paid the bills…  

New Dizee picked up the phone.

Turns out the doctor’s bill was an error & my bill was zeroed out (YEAH!)

As for the service agreement, my oil company’s agreement was always in the $200 range.  Also, I was supposed to have the variable oil price but was charged $4.79 per gallon! So, I called to complain – I didn’t know why the agreement was so high or why my oil price was crazy.

Well, turns out they wanted to keep my business.  They lowered my contract agreement to $160 & set my oil price to $3.79.  Best part is they adjusted my last oil delivery down to the new price – crediting my account by $52.03.

Total Oil Savings was just under $200!!

Shopping Adventures : CVS 12/30/2011

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I have a cold sore the size of Toledo… I want to shoot myself.  I have been told that Abreva is fantastic, so I wanted to give it a try.  However, it is a tad pricey ($19.99).

I went to the Abreva site where I found a $2.00 coupon.  Then, just before I left, CVS kindly sent me an email for $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase…. how sweet.

I bought the Abreva for $19.99 & a sippy cup for $4.79.  My total was $25.12.  I led with the $5.00 coupon, followed up with my $2.00 coupon and got the whole shebang for $18.12 with tax.

It is like I got a free sippy cup.  Just shows a little planning goes a long way.  I saved over $7.00 bucks!


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Better Late than Never : Wendy’s Kid’s Meal Coupons

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Have you eaten at Wendy’s lately? You know I have….  The kid’s meals come complete with a TRU coupon  for a $10 gift card on a $75 purchase (not good on electronics, though).  Tasty!

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Swagbucks : More Ways to Earn

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I have now earned over $35 bucks to since November simply by using Swagbucks

A really EASY way to earn is swag bucks TV.  Simply head over to the site & click on the swag bucks TV button.  I always head over to entertainment section & start earning.

I play them during lunch – I let them stream & forget about it.  Every 10 you watch earns you 3 bucks. 

In theory, you could win up to 75 points a day doing this.  I am not sure you would really have the patience for it, but it is a good, easy way to add atleast 3-6 points a day to your account.

So, start accumulating your bucks & remember – there is no need to share with those who scoff about Swag Bucks (ie: my hubby)

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