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DIY – Hot Oil Treatment for your Hair

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Fresh off my epic Went-to-the-Library-From-Home, I tried a new hair mask (or masque if that makes it sound cooler).


I had read in multiple spots that coconut oil was great for the follicles.  Interestingly enough, most sites also said Olive Oil would work equally as well to moisturize and tame my tresses.



By now, I am sure you know my motto of “Why Not”.  So, I mixed one TBS of Olive Oil and one TBS of coconut oil.


Then I popped it in the microwave.  Why?  I remember as a teenager using HOT VO-5 Hair Oil and I thought this would be cool.  I also couldn’t figure out how to get it on my hair.


My scientific approach was to microwave it at 15 second intervals until it was warm and runny.  This timed out at 45 seconds for me.


I should mention I did this when Craig was out taking advantage of Kohl’s night owl sales.


What ended up happening was comical.  I ended up with slick hair al-la Miley.  I did not rock the look like she did.


I was a little up in the air on how long I should leave the concoction in.  My first thought was to leave it on all night and shower in the morning.



One look at this face quickly solidified the fact I needed to shower immediately.  Otter, like me, has a thing for coconut oil.


In the end, I washed the oil out of my hair in approximately 20 minutes.


I will be honest – it took a lot of washing.  Overall, I think this is a once-in-a-while type of thing.  Or, maybe, if my hair was longer and more damaged.


The plus side was my hair was indeed shinier and bouncier for days.  I finally used a styling product Monday morning.


So, if you are looking for a hair masque for dry, damaged hair, I would give this one a try.


It also doubled as an awesome Baby Oil.  I tried it on my legs and it made them really smooth!

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The Library Came to Me!

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So, I just did something I deem crazy – I borrowed a book from the library.  Online.


I KNOW! How exciting, right?


Look, it’s the simple things in life that make me happy.


I went to the Nassau Digital Doorway and started searching.


When I decided on a Vegan book (something I find very interesting but also very intimidating for someone like me), I simply put in my library card number and my main library location and viola’


Boom!  It downloaded directly to my kindle (which I access through my iPhone.)


My book is good until Dec 3rd and I can access it on my kindle.


The best part – there are no books to return.


Does anyone else’s library do this?  My excitement is palpable.

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It’s a Very Boston Market Thanksgiving… again

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I know there are lots of people who look forward to cooking their Thanksgiving feast.  Maybe they break out their great-grandma’s stuffing recipe and spend hours trimming the turkey.


I give all of them a ton of credit.  A round of enthusiastic  applause.


I am the antithesis of this person.


I get my feast from Boston Market.  I know, I am not perfect….


Seriously.  And guess what – it is delicious and relatively inexpensive.


This year will mark my fourth year of using BM as my go-to Thanksgiving Day chef.  And to celebrate this special occasion, I am sharing with you my menu & cost.  (Anyone else excited?  Anyone???)



There are five carnivores who will partake in this feast.    Note the double stuffing – that stuff takes up a very big portion of my plate.   And yes, we only buy a 3 lb turkey breast.  We all agree the sides are what makes the meal.


My dad is able to attend this year (stupid cancer ruined previous years) and he will be bringing twice-baked potatoes.  Yes, the homemade kind.  Impressive, right?


And for all you skeptics – there is a chance you can still screw up the meal.  Everything is pre-cooked but it does need to be heated through (most of the sides are 30-45 minutes at 350.  I think the turkey takes 90 minutes or so).  As someone who has finally mastered the art of boiling water, I still feel some anxiety at mealtime.


And, would you really expect someone who utilizes Boston Market to use real china plates?  Yeah, me neither.  However, I do like to go a little crazy and get the clear cut Chinet plates.  It makes me feel ritzy.   (You can get a $1.00 coupon by signing up at


Clean up is a cinch too – I buy the aluminum plates from the dollar store and we just throw them out when we are done.


Don’t worry – I will post pictures of our extravagant buffet.   Hey, at least I am not claiming I cooked the whole meal from scratch!!!

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Kiddie Stuff : Playing with Balloons

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I must be getting old.  I forgot how much fun a balloon can be.



Seriously – my kids and I played non-stop for hours (ok, it was probably thirty minutes, but, in kid-time, it is equivalent to 7 hours worth of play time).


We happened to take a balloon with us when we left Friendly’s last week.  Oh My Goodness – the fun fest that followed was almost illegal.  I wonder if I could count the playtime as exercise?


I seriously believe these should go in the Emergency-Entertainment First Aid Kit for kids.


First we just played volleyball with it, then, when that started to get tiring, we tried to play using only our feet.


I am utterly un-coordinated.


We followed this up with a rousing game of Monkey in the Middle.


The only one who didn’t enjoy the balloon was Pinto – but he is an old fuddy-duddy.


So remember, when all else fails, a balloon will buy you some time.

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Doofy Dizee Strikes Again

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Ahhh… just when I thought I was finally getting it together…


What do the items in the picture below have in common?


If you guessed they were are all items I left in my car for a day (  technically 29 hours) you are smarter than I.


Oh, Doofy Dizee Strikes Again.


Besides the obvious waste of food and money involved, I was really disappointed because I had actually made a plan for the week! (Thanks to my calendar/tracking log)


The chicken was supposed to be made into my fav Lemon Chicken.    I had big plans for the ham steak – I pictured using it in a potato and onion home fries type of dish.  In my head, it tasted delish.  And the ravioli – that was supposed to be two weeks’ worth of dinner !


While I maybe out of pocket 12 bucks, I am comforted by the fact some things do not change…  Doofy Dizee 4EVA!



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My New Sunday Ritual

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I maybe slowly losing my mind.




I want to introduce you to my new Sunday Night Ritual.  And, I swear, my face is literally thanking me for it.


First, I wash my face with a Olive Oil, Sugar, and Vanilla Extract scrub.  I really just dump a bit of everything into a little bowl and try to keep it away from the dogs long enough to slather it on my face.


Then, I follow up with a baking soda/water “mask”.  I am not sure mask is even the right word.  Baking Soda can be used in everything from washing your hair to washing your pots.  Pretty diverse.  I had read that it was a good pore cleaner.  Do I notice a difference?  Yes, a bit.   All I do is mix equal parts water and baking soda.  I spread it all over, especially focusing on the nose area.  After a minute, I rinse it off with warm water.


Then, I follow up with coconut oil as moisturizer.  I slather on a thin layer.



Finally, I laugh at the stuff I just knowingly put on my face.  I do find it hard to believe I do it – but it totally works for me.


Has anyone tried this?  Is the jury out that I am crazy?

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Happy Halloween!!!!!

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Happy Halloween!!!  I hope everyone has a fantastic day!!!


As you can see, the men in my  house go a little crazy.  I take no responsibility here WHAT-SO-EVER!

But it makes my boys so happy!

And we bought the the inflatables on sale

Over the course of a few years

It’s the electric bill that will sting a bit…

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Library Reading : It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow

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Can I say I was pleasantly surprised?



I am not a fan of Gwyneth (still not, honestly) but the cookbook was much better than I expected.  Yes, there were many, many pictures of a makeup-less Gwyneth, trying to act like a normal person.  She gets a decent amount of bad press for being out of touch with the average human.  Her recent list of Spring Must Haves topped out at over $450,000.  Oddly, that is only 449,950 more than I had budgeted.


Either way, this was a hard book to get from the library – it has been out routinely for months.  So, imagine my surprise when the book was available!  WOO HOO!  I could finally see what all the hoopla was all about.


I honestly skimmed through the introductions – I was really interested in the recipes.  Her “elimination diet” includes no coffee, alcohol, sugar,  shellfish, potatoes, gluten , soy or processed foods  (sounds like Craig Diet).  There is also minimal diary, so it is fairly strict.  I found it intriguing.   I mean, I have trouble going half a day without chocolate.


In the end, I found way more appetizing recipes to try  (I think a total of eight, which is a lot for a picky girl like me).  Actually, my inspiration for the Avocado Toast was based on something her she had in her book (although it included gluten free bread, sliced avocado and vegenaise.)


That being said, my biggest gripe (besides the excessive photos of Gwyneth without food or her  name dropping of some of  the biggest names in the business) was some of the ingredients she was calling for – vegenaise, to me, was the most normal.  What is xylitol?   Apparently, it is a sweetener, but she used it pretty often…I’ll pass, thank you. .  Pimenton? Probably not… Gochujang?  God Bless You (wasn’t that a sneeze? – no it’s actually Korean red pepper flakes.)  What can I say, I am not THAT much of a foodie.


Thanks to, you can click here for some of the ‘best’ quotes of the book (note that best is in quotation marks… you know what that means, right?)


In the end, this is really why I love taking books out of the library.  I made some photocopies of recipes to try and back the book went!

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