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Simple Ways to Save : Junk Mail, Skunk Mail

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See this wad of mail? I  commonly refer to it as “Junk Mail”.  It goes right in the trash.  Ok, maybe it sits on my table for a week day or two and then I dump it in the circular-file (aka garbage).

 However, I recently started perusing these documents before throwing them out and look what I found?  Jackpot !  Coupons to our favorite destination – Friendly’s.

Another hidden gem – my friend told me about the Valpak Website.  You can print coupons to restaurants and stores.  Some are local  (like  my favorite pizza place- Gino’s of Bethpage) and others are for national places (like Home Depot).

So, the moral of the story is – keep your eyes peeled for the good stuff.


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This is a Library, We Don’t Have Cookies, Just Books

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 (Melissa, I pulled out the Sesame Street reference just for you!)

Am I the only person in the universe who didn’t recognize just how freaking cool the library is?


Seriously, every time I take a book out of the library, it feels like I won the lotto.  What can I say, I am easy to please.


Besides the obvious (books)  my library offers a wide range of DVDs, CDs & e-books.  There is a full children’s room with activities (crafts, board games and computers), a Young Adult section (it’s where all the cool kids go) and an array of conference / auditorium-like rooms in the basement.  


They also offer free programs like Wi-Fi,  tickets to museums, movie nights and free classes.   Oh, and  Air Conditioning.  That is definitely a plus during the 90 degree heat wave we recently got hit with.


I will confess – I am a reformed book snob.  I liked having an assortment of books…. Now, I realize those books mostly take up room and I am persnickety– I tend to peruse books and toss them aside.   


Therefore, the library makes the most sense for me!  I can take books out on anything I want - Green Cleaning,  the Paleo Diet, cook books up my eyeballs.  You name it – the library has it.  And you can even REQUEST books if someone has already taken the book out or it is at a different library.


The Nassau Library system is pretty cool.  You just need to get a library card at your ‘home’ library but can frequent any of their 50 + locations


What I usually do is look up the book or subject I want to read – ie: The Honest Life by Jessica Alba and search for it under the resource list.  I write down the call number and off I go.


The biggest challenge is keeping the kids quiet while I am looking for my books.  Apparently  ‘Let’s look for call number 614. W’  isn’t as exciting as  I-Spy…. Who knew?


So, who else loves the library?  Or, did everyone already know just how awesome the library really is?

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Free Kindle Books

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Granted, I am new to this whole Kindle Universe… but did you know Amazon has a list of free Kindle books you can download? 

This is very exciting since they change frequently… so bookmark the page.


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Simple Ways to Save : Use What You Buy

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Every week I buy a ton of produce with great intentions of healthy snacks.

Inevitably, I find it sometime later, moldy & gross.

Such a waste – of good food & money.  By only purchasing food I know I will eat, I have saved $5-7 a week, or $260 – $364 a year.

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Simple Ways to Save : Loose Change

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Quite honestly, I don’t use my change.  I treat it like a red-headed stepchild.  I usually just dump them into a glass & forget about it.

Well, yesterday I decided to separate my quarters from the other change… $58 dollars!!!

Yeah, what a dummy I have been!

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Write In Campaign : Glad & Windex

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After my success with Purex (finally!), I am back in the saddle. 

Today, I am going to send a letter to Glad & Windex.   



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Simple Ways to Save : Bring Your Own Lunch

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This one is so obvious, I almost didn’t post it. 


I pay an average of $7 a lunch.  Brown bagging my lunch just 3 times a week would save me $21/week for a total of $1,092/ year. 

(Not to mention all the additional calories I would devour !!!)

Click here for all my simple ways to save.

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Simple Ways to Save: Pay Yourself First

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Want to know the easiest, laziest way to save money? Pay yourself !

So easy, my dog can do it

Most of us wouldn’t notice an extra $5, $10 or $20 bucks missing from our bank account.  Simply have your bank auto-move small amounts of money weekly.

$5 a week would get you $260 in yearly savings
$10 a week would get you $520 in yearly savings
$20 a week would get you $1,040 in yearly savings

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