Doofy Dizee (Living!)

Its an Up Hill Battle!

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I am halfway through cleaning my office out… but there is a lot left to do….

Gotta get crackin’

Dizee was OFF Yesterday

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Some may argue I am off EVERYDAY, but yesterday I took the little guy to the doctor & then I juuuuuuuust about finished my Christmas shopping.

Finally, both of my children went to bed at a resonable time, so I was able to write my posts.

Dizee was a very happy Dizee yesterday!

Chalk it Up to Being Cool

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OMG! I fell in love with this at AC Moore this weekend (really, I swear I was only there for 20 minutes on Sunday, but found lots of great ideas…)

Anyhoo – look at how cool this is! A removable sticker that is a blackboard!

I am in love & so is my little man (the pack came with 2, so I stuck one at Cooper level & he has been happliy drawing in the kitchen while I cook).  No more looking for post-its to leave messages for Hubby!

Use your 40% off coupon from this Sunday’s paper & snag it for around 6 buck-a-roos.

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Easy Homemade Teacher or Coach Gift

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I saw this at AC Moore & really liked it… Turns out it was very simple to make:

I took my 30% off my entire regular purchase coupon, moseyed over to AC Moore & purchased:

  • 3 jelly jars at $1.29 each
  • 1 fabric swatch pack that had 20 pre-cut swatches for $5.99 (if you have more skills than I, you could have bought fabric for $1.99 & cut it yourself)

I then walked over to Rite Aid (convenient they are next store to each other, huh) and bought:

  • 4 bags of Dove Chocolate for $2.99 each (double score because there were dollar off peelies on the bag $1.00 off 2)
  • 4 bags of Hershey kisses (3 regular, 1 dark chocolate) at 2 for $6.00

When I got home, I took out a bowl, dumped the 4 bags of Dove & 1 bag of regular kisses & mixed them all around (okay, maaaybe I ate a few too) and filled up two of the jars.  I mixed the remaining two bags of kisses and added them to the last jar

I covered them with the little swatches of fabric, screwed the cap back on and called it a day.  Not a bad gift for right around $10.00.  (Totally less expensive if you could find a better deal on candy… maybe Target?)

 Did anyone notice I had 1 bag of kisses left over???? Not anymore!!! Those poor guys never stood a chance…..

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Lather, Rise, Repeat

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Today is another day of not being ready…. lots of changes are on the horizon & I had tons of stuff to do last night….  oodles of stuff today.

I have stuff planned at lunch, however, I will leave you with – another favorite (it is the LEAST I can do)

Busy Bee

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I have sooooooooo much to do, especially since we are moving offices….

 I don’t know how I am going to get all this done!!! I wish I could just go back to sleep!

My big boy didn’t go to bed until 10 last night (see what happens when he gets a nap?!?!) so I am behind…. so much for a more organized Dizee.

It’s Starting to Feel Alot Like Christmas!

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Yeah! We got our tree up. Max was a HUGE help, Cooper – not so much. 

There have been some changes at work (I wouldn’t label them ‘good’) & I have a tond of stuff to do…

Who else feels like crying?!

That Kid Kept Me Up!

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This kid never went to bed last night! I think it was finally 10 PM when we got him to sleep.



 So, I didn’t have time to prepare all the things I wanted to!  BOO!

I was able to add stuff to the Dizee’s Tools on the right side of the page… Those are all the coupon sites I use.  And remember, first of the month, means new coupons!