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Honey, I’m Home!

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Guess what – I am back!

After a year and a half of thinking of my blog, I am making my glorious return.  Cue the marching band!




Because I missed it.


I enjoy writing about my experiences.  And I know my mom likes to read my witty commentary on this crazy life I lead.


This past year has flown by. 


These boys….


Are now these kids …


 We added a member to our family


Welcome Otter Von Dyckman, such a regal beagle.


Dad’s cancer came back but he was able to receive a bone marrow transplant from a fantastic man in Germany.  (Want to be a bone marrow donor?  Click here!) 


Some things remained the same – most notably my weight.


I have spent the last year and a half trying to sort out what the voices in my head are saying!  So, I am putting it all in writing. 


I plan on focusing on three main things – Food, Finances and Fun/Functional (would that be considered four?! Higher math always eludes me)


I am very interested in learning more about food – creating meal plans,  how to easily prepare meals, freezer cooking, and portion sizes.   I have been researching what goes into our food and it is actually QUITE  frightening


On the topic of finances – I am looking for easy ways to save some money – coupons, rewards programs, smart money choices.   I am working toward a “Spending Plan” since we know that individuals in my household believe “Budget” is a curse word.  My main problem is that I am super good at spending money.


As for the Fun/Functional – this is just cool stuff I come across.  Homemade face scrubs, free Apps, Printables, Easy Ways to Go Green.   That sort of thing….


I am working on keeping everything super simple this time.   I plan to do one post a day Monday – Friday… just another reason to look forward to waking up!  I will be posting my link on my new facebook page - it is what all the cool bloggers do.  Feel free to like  the  page if you have a second!!!!


Is there anything else you guys want to see/hear?