Easy French Toast Sticks

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When I got married, I was so clueless about cooking I looked up how to boil water for pasta (when does the pasta go in? Do I add salt?  How big should the pot be?).


Unfortunately, the above is a true story.


Fast forward a few years and I was always buying those French Toast Sticks in a box for Max… imagine my surprise that I could just
make them fresh, myself at home!


Again, the above is a true story… it is shameful really.


So, here is the super easy recipe on how I make French Toast Sticks (even though this art is probably universally known)


3 slices of bread

2 Eggs

A Bit of Milk

1 tsp Vanilla Extract (mine could have been two…)



1)     Preheat your griddle (I usually use the medium setting)

2)     Mix the eggs, milk and vanilla in a low bowl that will fit your piece of bread… (speaking from experience here)

3)     Coat the pieces of bread in the mixture one by one, flipping to make sure both sides are gooey

4)     Place on griddle, let it cook a few minutes (2-3) and then flip for another minute or two

5)     Remove the French toast from the griddle and cut into strips.

6)     Serve while marveling at the transformation of the humble slice of bread

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