A Few of My Favorite Cruelty Free Products

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PS- (Can I add a PS when I just started a post??? I am not sure, but I am doing it anyways)  This isn’t a paid post – I just felt like sharing my love for this stuff…


One of my new resolutions is to use cruelty free products as often as possible.  Why?  Look at these faces!

I just can’t believe companies STILL test on animals.  (You can read more here… bring tissues….)


That being said, I can’t afford to spend a ton of cash on stuff… so, I am so excited to say I found shampoo, conditioner AND body wash that I love at a price I can stomach.


Let me introduce you to Organix.  As you can see, I have quite the selection –I love the way they work and smell.  Best
part – I got the smaller bottles for $4 and change on sale at STOP AND SHOP!  I have to do more research, but they
seem to run just under $6.  The big, ginormous bottle? That is a BJ’s purchase for $9.99…  Sometimes, I can even find coupons for the Organix line! It is almost too exciting.


I also love the Kiss my Face brand which I bought on Amazon using a gift card from my beloved sister-in-law (Thanks Melissa!!!!! ).   They each ran less then $6, although I had to buy  added enough stuff to my purchase so I didn’t have to pay for shipping and handling.  I guess Amazon had the last laugh there.


Either way, I am happy that my little purchases make a bit of difference.


I am looking for detergent now.  I am not a huge fan of the lavender scent I see Seventh Generation uses.  And my husband would have a cow if I bought the $12.99 bottle and brought it home.   Sadly, I had to let my Purex Crystals go…. They were my absolute favorite but since they still test on animals, I am out…. Which reminds me, I owe them an email.


Anyone else have cruelty free products they love?




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