Simple Ways to Save : Don’t Buy In Bulk (WHAT?!)

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I have a problem.  I am sure this will surprise you, but when I get a bug up my you-know-what, I tend to go a little nutty.   I’ll spend money, time and lots of energy on my newest endeavor only to (usually) give up mid-stream.



Recently, I decided to go organic with my oatmeal.  I headed over to Fairway to buy organic raisins, organic flax seed and walnuts.


Initially, I put all full size bags into my cart.    Then I started to feel apprehensive.  I was doing what I always did – jump in with both feet without even looking to see how deep the water was.


I quickly totaled what I had in my cart – Twenty Five bucks!


What was my problem!!!!! I started putting the items back and shaking my head at myself when a light bulb literally went off in my head.


Fairway has a bulk section!


Honestly, I was always a little scared of that section.  Often, I would gaze at the myriad of choices and would be tempted to buy something – maybe Red Quinoa?  Possibly Almond Flour?


Yet, whenever I would finally summon the courage to try it,  I  would picture myself incorrectly releasing the bin and spilling  the contents all over the floor.


Such is my imagination.


But that day was different.  I asked an employee to show me how to use the bins.  (Incidentally, it was incredibly simple.  Doofy Dizee)


Instead , I bought the above items for less than $3.00 total.  SCORE! Especially since I haven’t made oatmeal in 3 weeks.  How annoying would it be to have a $8.00 bag of Organic Raisins taunting me every morning.


The moral of my little story?  Sometimes it pays to buy a little at a time rather than going all in.

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