How Craig & You Tube Saved the Day!

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Last week, our refrigerator started to give us fits.   (Bad Fridge!)


Initially, it stopped making ice.  This was incredibly disappointing to Cooper who likes to ask for ‘water & ice’ to drink.  He hated drinking just water.   I didn’t even realize just how often I used our ice maker.  Untold times that week I put my cup under the ice dispenser and waited for it to fill.


And waited.


And waited.


You get the drift.


Craig thought maybe one of the lines got clogged.  Armed with a vacuum he moved the refrigerator, vacuumed out the back and checked the tube with the water.


That’s when the noise level in the house rose drastically.   Apparently, somehow a fan bent/broke and was causing the fridge to sound like it was preparing for flight.  I, who can sleep through anything, even found it annoying.


Craig and I discussed our options – call in a service man or buy a new fridge.  We really didn’t want to spend a grand on a new fridge when this one was less than 7 years old.   As for the service man route – we weren’t sure how much it would run to fix the fan and the ice maker.


So, what did we do? We went with option 3 (or C for those of us who used scan-trons as kids).  Craig read up on the broken piece and ordered it for $7 online.


We waited anxiously while the part was shipped.  Would it work?  Would we be screwing it up worse?


I was shocked to come home from work last Wednesday  to find Doctor Craig working behind the fridge, the  fan on the counter and a You-tube video playing.  And, more than a little impressed.  (He doesn’t read the blog either, so I can get away with a compliment here and there… don’t want it to go to his head!)


In less than a half an hour, Craig fixed the fridge!  It was purring like a kitten.  He even jiggled the wires that led to the ice maker and that started working too!


Mission Accomplished.  Craig 1, Appliances 0.   Too bad he couldn’t fix the washing machine when I broke it during the summer.

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