Dizee’s Food Tracking & Calendar Printable

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Feast your eyes on my newest creation….  (cue maniacal laughing….)


Apparently my October/Craig Diet talk didn’t resonate too much with the weight loss part of my brain… I am down a total of 1 pound.


Then I realized – the times I lost the most weight included writing down & tracking what actually went into my belly.  I guess seeing ½ a bag of peanut butter cups would stop me from devouring the other half.


There are so many awesome printable lists out there, but since I need to feel the need to constantly reinvent the wheel, I created my own.   I even gave it a witty name –   Dizee’s Food Tracking & Calendar Printable   FANCY!


I included some things that I believe are vital to my success.

a)      Weekly Goals– If I don’t write something down, I tend to forget it (like eggs at the grocery store this week! DOH!).  I figure here I would include some achievable goals (putting away the laundry) and some which were a little bigger (Cleaning the Cabinets?! A necessary evil!)


b)      Small Monthly Calendar – It’s helpful!  No other reason.


c)       Menu – Lately, I have been planning the weekly menu in my head.  Please note item “A”.  #FAIL!


d)      To Do­ – Apparently my husband deems our calendar “art” and we can’t write on it.  This provides a nifty little spot to track our comings and goings.


e)      Weekly Food Tracking- Just because something goes on the Menu, it does not guarantee it being eaten.  Conversely, I never write “Chocolate” down but SOMEHOW it is always consumed.  (Note:  Gina, I have officially eliminated my ‘Trigger Chocolates” from my house.  Little Steps…)


f)       Different Motivational Quotes­- ‘Cause, honestly,   I need all the help I can get.   One new one a week to keep things fresh.  


The plan is to print them out back-to-back (so a Week & the associated food diary are on 1 page).


I created the sheets thru the end of the year (it seemed like a good ending point).  The only caveat is I start this on Monday 11/3 – so I guess you can eat whatever you want until then.  HA!!!


You can download the Dizee’s Food Tracking & Calendar Printable   you can download the zipped word files here so you can edit them and make it your own. (Maybe you want a category “Blog Post” instead of ” To Do”.  To each their own!


Fingers crossed that an organized start to November will lead to a more organized, skinnier me!


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