DIY – Homemade Lemon Air Freshener

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There are times when my house smells a little off.  It could be the dogs, the kids or something I made.  Actually, more than likely, it is Craig….


I have been looking for a solution that agreed with my husband’s sensitive nostrils.  If I burn a candle or use a plug in, he will get a headache.  It is uncanny.  There were times in the past when I tried to do these things on the sly.  I would burn a Macintosh candle and then open all the windows in the house.


The end result was Craig with a headache AND allergies.  Not good.  Especially for Dizee.


I also have a fear of plug-ins (like those from Glade or the Yankee Candle Company).  I read a long time ago they could cause fires if they were left plugged in and I worry about something happening while I am not home.


I even bought unscented Febreze but the hubby still said there was a smell.


After one particular episode, the house really needed some airing out.  Without going into particulars, I was losing my mind over a lingering smell that wasn’t escaping the confines of my house with the windows open.


I remembered reading that a bowl of vinegar was supposed to work to ‘absorb’ smells.  Most people suggested white vinegar with a few drops of essential oil.



Well, I am not on the essential oil bandwagon, so I googled lemons.  Lo & behold someone said you can use sliced up lemons.  Score!


Baking soda is also a big odor absorber – it says so right on the box!  Therefore, I used these three items in the trifecta of odor killing.


I simply added a heaping tablespoon of baking soda, a few lemon slices and covered it with white vinegar.  So simple.


Did it work? Yes.  Or No.  I am not 100% sure.  The smell cleared out pretty quickly afterwards, but it could have been coincidence.  I did notice the smell of lemons whenever I got within 10-15 feet of the bowl.


I let the bowl sit out for approximately 24-30 hours.  It ended up turning all nasty and brown.  In my head, it was evidence of all the odors in my home.  In actuality, it is probably what happens when fresh ingredients are left out, uncovered in a bowl.


Will I use it again? Definitely – especially when lemons are on sale.  I love that everything is harmless to animals too – I am klutzy and can pretty much guarantee at some point or another, a bowl of this will end up on the floor.


Has anyone else tried something like this?  I am interested in hearing if it worked for you!

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