Starting “Craig Diet” & My Meal Plan

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PS – There are two rather annoying typos in this post of which I can’t fix! BOO!!!  Five points for all of you who figure them out!!! SORRY!


T-minus double digits to Disney.  It is crunch time.  Time to put up or shut up.


Should I keep going?


I do not want to spend a million dollars on an awesome vacation only to hate myself in all my pictures.


I loved Weight Watchers and it really does work, but nowadays, I want something a little different (Sorry Gina).  A Jump Start, if you will.    Something that requires Zero thinking.


It is time to call in the big guns….


Craig Diet, as I lovingly call it, is my husband’s tricks to lose weight.  You can read up on all the tenants of the diet, but just remember, he isn’t a doctor or anything, he just knows stuff.    Besides, this is just a ‘jump start to weight loss’ kind of thing to get me motivated and help curtail some of those bad habits (like eating a peanut butter cup at 5:15 AM when I get up).



Did you know the average stomach is the size of a closed adult fist?  Much smaller than a Large Double Cheeseburger Meal with a Giant Coke from McDonalds.


Craig’s theory is you need to ‘shrink’ your stomach back to its normal size, so he likes to eat something small every few hours for the first few days.  He also thinks this will start to ‘rev’ my metabolism.


Here is my “average” day



The dinners I have planned are far from exciting, but can do the job:

4 Dino nuggets

3 Ravioli with Sauce

Lemon Chicken

½ Chicken Roll from the Pizza Place

Chicken Fajitas


This is the plan.   The first day or two I definitely feel hungry, but by day three and four, the smaller size servings do fill me up.  I will let you know on the 21st how it played out.


I need to confess – I had one of these last night…. Beware… They are out there… Waiting….  I thought I only had to battle these demons during Easter!


Does anyone have any Meal Plans for the week?  Or a Diet named after their militant husband?

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