DIY – Shiny Nails Without Polish

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I would like to introduce you to my nails’ new best friends.

 My Tool Kit for Nails that Shine



Ok, so this isn’t earth shattering news.  I bet you have at least 2 of the 3 in your bathroom right now.


I have read about how dangerous nail polish can be (toxic chemicals, yucky smell, and some apparently eat through Styrofoam?!?)


However, my biggest issue with nail polish is durability.  As my name suggests, I am doofy.  I am constantly knocking into something, even when I am not moving.  So, it is a pain in the tuckus when my nail polish chips.


It also doesn’t help that I am relegated to painting my nails outside because my husband has a ‘sensitive’ nose.


Either way, it didn’t really matter.  I never had any nails.  They always broke or cracked or suffered some other sad demise.


Enter these guys.  Ignore my chubby little fingers.  Everything about me is short.  And Cooper insisted the spider wanted to be in the picture, so there you go…


Wow, look at those long nails....



Now, these nails may not look like anything spectacular to some, but the fact is, these are the longest nails I have ever rocked.  I like to stare at them.  Alot.


Yes, I admit this is a little pathetic.


Let’s move on.


Here is how I have been keeping them shiny and growing.  I will preface this with -it is not brain surgery.  But, it has eluded me for the better part of my life.


1)      I have been trying to keep my nails even and without a torn edge.  (Those edges get me every time – I always try to pull them off… then I end up yanking too much and bleeding.  No fun).  You can get a nail file for less than a dollar.

2)      This buffer is my favorite.  I just rub it over the tops of my nails once or twice a week to make them really shine.  I can seriously throw the bat signal up with how shiny the surface of my nail has become.  This fancy one cost $2.50.


3)      Trusty ol’ hydrogen peroxide.  I soak my nails in a 50/50 water & hydrogen peroxide solution once every few days.  It whitens those bad boys right up. ($1.00)


There you have it.  No pricey manicure.  Nice Shiny Nails.


Does anyone else gaze at their pretty nails in a little bit of awe? Just me, huh…

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