Identity Theft Stinks… A Few Pointers to Avoid It!

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Talk about bad luck.


First, my dad got his identity hacked while he was in North Shore Hospital battling Leukemia.


Then , while in remission, someone broke into another account and tried to buy $400 worth of Great Adventure tickets on his American Express.  They didn’t even invite him!


The last time someone bought airline tickets in Dubai for Egypt.


Poor man never catches a break.  (well, he has me, so he isn’t doing all that bad… haha)


Did you know that identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes with over 15 million people being effected annually and resulting in over fifty billion in damages?


Right now are you thinking – COME ON DIZEE!  Yesterday was animal testing, today is Identity Theft?  Where is the happy blog you promised us?! 


I would argue you would be happier without having your identity stolen… #amiright?


Dad is really smart when it comes to this stuff, so if he can have his identity stolen (multiple times) it makes someone like me (aka Doofy Dizee) very nervous.


(See, I can write this because he doesn’t read my blog.  If he knew I called him ‘really smart’ there would be no living with him!)
Here are some of his suggestions to keep your identity safe:

  • Don’t use the same password for each account

    Often hackers will assume you have the same password for multiple accounts. 

    So, if your Facebook Account is hacked, they will try all the big guys (amazon, discover  card, etc) and some of the little guys (Macys, Old Navy) to see if they can gain access to other accounts of yours.  

    Therefore it is important to differentiate between accounts.  A simple way would be setting your passwords up like this:

    Wal-mart account – WMpa$$word
    Yahoo Account – Yhpa$$word
    Amazon Account – Azpa$$word

    You get the idea.  Clever….

  •  Check if your credit card has a free notification service 

    Dad’s American Express card provides  free instant notification when his account is used and the card is not present.  In this instance, the hackers were not able to complete the purchase of Great Adventure tickets. 

      (Note to self, do this soon!)


  • Use different security questions for each account

     I am totally guilty of this one!  Look, I have enough problems remembering if I brushed my teeth in the morning, I couldn’t be expected to remember different security questions! But it is true, if your account gets compromised, the hackers could use this information to try to gain access to a different account. 


Can you imagine if these identity thieves used their brains for good?  We would have a cure for cancer, a balanced national budget and an end to poverty.

Now, please excuse me while I change all the passwords on my accounts…..

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