DIY – Even More Uses for Coconut Oil

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Ok, so here is a little secret – I love coconut oil.  What?  Did you know that already?



I was able to pick up this “Value” size coconut oil from Fairway for $13.99.  Score, since these are a few of the new uses I have for it:

Make Up Remover

Yes, it takes off makeup like no one’s business – even my mascara.

 All I do is rub a little bit between my fingers and it almost instantly begins to melt.   Then I rub it on my eyes and rinse off. 

Everything should be this simple.


Face Wash

I guess this is almost the same as above.  Maybe I should have lumped these two together.  It is the exact same directions as above except (wait for it) across your whole face.


Shaving Crème

Hum… almost the same directions…..  Rub the coconut oil on the area you want to shave and then – shave!  I get a nice, close shave and my legs are so soft when I am done!   I also noticed I have not nicked my legs since using the coconut oil.  Although there is a chance I am just paying more attention to the process.



I have had a terrible patch of skin on my chest for quite a while.  I have used powders, lotions, scratching and could not get rid of the scaly, yucky skin.  Last week I decided to try this miracle oil.  Guess what – it has finally begun to clear.    I am in utter disbelief. 

Mosquito Repellent

I read online that Coconut Oil is an excellent mosquito repellent- which is incredibly exciting to me.  I am the mosquito’s favorite delicacy.  I get bit multiple times just taking the dogs out.  Dizee is on their menu at any time of the day.

So, I lathered myself up, called the dogs and somehow made it out the door.  While I did not get bit by a single mosquito I was licked almost to the point of paralysis by three hungry beagles.  So much for using this around scent hounds.

I hope to test it out again sometime….

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