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DIY – Shiny Nails Without Polish

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I would like to introduce you to my nails’ new best friends.

 My Tool Kit for Nails that Shine



Ok, so this isn’t earth shattering news.  I bet you have at least 2 of the 3 in your bathroom right now.


I have read about how dangerous nail polish can be (toxic chemicals, yucky smell, and some apparently eat through Styrofoam?!?)


However, my biggest issue with nail polish is durability.  As my name suggests, I am doofy.  I am constantly knocking into something, even when I am not moving.  So, it is a pain in the tuckus when my nail polish chips.


It also doesn’t help that I am relegated to painting my nails outside because my husband has a ‘sensitive’ nose.


Either way, it didn’t really matter.  I never had any nails.  They always broke or cracked or suffered some other sad demise.


Enter these guys.  Ignore my chubby little fingers.  Everything about me is short.  And Cooper insisted the spider wanted to be in the picture, so there you go…


Wow, look at those long nails....



Now, these nails may not look like anything spectacular to some, but the fact is, these are the longest nails I have ever rocked.  I like to stare at them.  Alot.


Yes, I admit this is a little pathetic.


Let’s move on.


Here is how I have been keeping them shiny and growing.  I will preface this with -it is not brain surgery.  But, it has eluded me for the better part of my life.


1)      I have been trying to keep my nails even and without a torn edge.  (Those edges get me every time – I always try to pull them off… then I end up yanking too much and bleeding.  No fun).  You can get a nail file for less than a dollar.

2)      This buffer is my favorite.  I just rub it over the tops of my nails once or twice a week to make them really shine.  I can seriously throw the bat signal up with how shiny the surface of my nail has become.  This fancy one cost $2.50.


3)      Trusty ol’ hydrogen peroxide.  I soak my nails in a 50/50 water & hydrogen peroxide solution once every few days.  It whitens those bad boys right up. ($1.00)


There you have it.  No pricey manicure.  Nice Shiny Nails.


Does anyone else gaze at their pretty nails in a little bit of awe? Just me, huh…

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Thank You!!!!

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Guest Post at Money Saving Mom!

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Guess what!


I am guest posting at one of my ultimate favorite blogs – Money Saving Mom !  This is too exciting!  Please click here to check it out !


And welcome if you are swinging by from Money Saving Mom!!


Thank you for stopping by!


Please be sure to download a copy of my e-book (Dizee’s Rookie Mistakes) as a thank you!


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Simple Ways to Save : Keeping Berries Fresh

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I had a berry problem.  Max loves berries – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries – even black berries (I find them weird… sorry Blackberry Fans!).


But they didn’t stay fresh for long!  Even in the fridge.

 Keeping berries fresh


The scenario :  Saturday morning, while I do my weekly shopping, I grab a pint of one of the afore-mentioned berries.   By Tuesday morning they would be gooey, disgusting and occasionally covered in fur.


Especially the organic ones, which would drive the non-organic-loving hubby of mine out of his skull.


Now if I was my grandmother, I would just cut around the offending matter, but mentally I can’t.  Sorry, I am easily grossed out.


So, I started doing some reading.  Some people suggest soaking the fruit in a 1:10 mixture of water to white vinegar.  Ehhhh…. Not really my thing.


Then I found a tip that the berries need to stay dry.


Ding!  The bells started going off.



Now I prep my berries by wrapping them in a paper towel.  I definitely notice getting some additional time out of the package.


Do you have a fruit/veggie storage tip?  I could use it!   I lose more money in  unused fruit than anything else.

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Identity Theft Stinks… A Few Pointers to Avoid It!

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Talk about bad luck.


First, my dad got his identity hacked while he was in North Shore Hospital battling Leukemia.


Then , while in remission, someone broke into another account and tried to buy $400 worth of Great Adventure tickets on his American Express.  They didn’t even invite him!


The last time someone bought airline tickets in Dubai for Egypt.


Poor man never catches a break.  (well, he has me, so he isn’t doing all that bad… haha)


Did you know that identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes with over 15 million people being effected annually and resulting in over fifty billion in damages?


Right now are you thinking – COME ON DIZEE!  Yesterday was animal testing, today is Identity Theft?  Where is the happy blog you promised us?! 


I would argue you would be happier without having your identity stolen… #amiright?


Dad is really smart when it comes to this stuff, so if he can have his identity stolen (multiple times) it makes someone like me (aka Doofy Dizee) very nervous.


(See, I can write this because he doesn’t read my blog.  If he knew I called him ‘really smart’ there would be no living with him!)
Here are some of his suggestions to keep your identity safe:

  • Don’t use the same password for each account

    Often hackers will assume you have the same password for multiple accounts. 

    So, if your Facebook Account is hacked, they will try all the big guys (amazon, discover  card, etc) and some of the little guys (Macys, Old Navy) to see if they can gain access to other accounts of yours.  

    Therefore it is important to differentiate between accounts.  A simple way would be setting your passwords up like this:

    Wal-mart account – WMpa$$word
    Yahoo Account – Yhpa$$word
    Amazon Account – Azpa$$word

    You get the idea.  Clever….

  •  Check if your credit card has a free notification service 

    Dad’s American Express card provides  free instant notification when his account is used and the card is not present.  In this instance, the hackers were not able to complete the purchase of Great Adventure tickets. 

      (Note to self, do this soon!)


  • Use different security questions for each account

     I am totally guilty of this one!  Look, I have enough problems remembering if I brushed my teeth in the morning, I couldn’t be expected to remember different security questions! But it is true, if your account gets compromised, the hackers could use this information to try to gain access to a different account. 


Can you imagine if these identity thieves used their brains for good?  We would have a cure for cancer, a balanced national budget and an end to poverty.

Now, please excuse me while I change all the passwords on my accounts…..

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Dizee’s Public Service Announcement….

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What do Sally Hansen, Bobbi Brown, Clairol, Arm & Hammer and Estee Lauder have in common?


They all still test on animals.  Isn’t that so 1970’s?  Click here to get a complete list – I was very disappointed to see some of the names there…


Guess what else– 96% of dogs used in testing are Beagles, primarily for product and drug testing.



The same traits which make beagles such excellent family dogs also work against them when it comes to testing, poking and prodding.  They are friendly animals who rarely bite and adjust well to whatever is thrown at them.


I was horrified!  I don’t know why, but I just assumed animal testing was passé.  I guess ignorance is bliss …  You can check here for a comprehensive list from PETA of those who do and don’t test on animals.


So, I have made a conscience effort to start changing my spending habits – I will be sharing some cruelty-free alternatives that I have already fallen in love with (and some that aren’t too hot).



And I found my reward for when I hit my goal weight – this adorable shirt! And I love that I would be supporting the Beagle Freedom Fund.  They do wonderful things to find these poor laboratory patients new, loving homes.  If you have a minute (and waterproof mascara) you should check out some of their rescues.


Thank you for allowing me my rant!

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Paper Plate Gourmet : Zucchini Pasta

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Is everyone ready for something that DOESN’T contain Coconut Oil? I know, shocking coming out of my kitchen.


Now that I am on Pinterest, I have seen a lot of people pinning Zucchini Dishes.  In some of them, people even used it as – wait for it- spaghetti.  I know! Crazy, but I decided to try it.  I am adventurous that way.


I call it Spaghini and it is delish!


The trick here is having one of these things – a Julienne Peeler.  Fancy!


Use it on the zucchini and viola – you have spaghetti that is not a carbohydrate!


This made enough to feed me, but it was probably a portion and a half….


2 Zucchinis (I used organic because they are on the Dirty Dozen list)

1 TBS Olive Oil

½ TBS Minced Garlic (more or less if you want)

Pasta Sauce (I used a jarred sauce – I know! Sacrilege! And I just wasted the organic zucchinis…) to taste -I like my food swimming in sauce



  1. Julienne the Zucchinis
  2. Heat the Olive Oil in a pan for a minute over medium heat
  3. Add the Garlic and sauté for around a minute
  4. Add the Zucchini and allow them to cook up a bit, but stir often.
  5. Add the Sauce to the Zucchinis
  6. When everything is nice and hot, put it on a plate and eat!


I added some Pecorino Romano cheese.    I also added a piece of bread for dipping, which defeated my ‘bread free’ meal…. Boo Dizee.

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DIY – Teeth Whitener (with Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda)

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Back before my hiatus from blogging, I posted about  how excited I was to get the Crest Whitening Strips on sale.


Fast forward a year and a half and guess what – I have most of the strips left over.  Can we insert a groan here? Another few bucks wasted.


Well, I started getting the urge to whiten my good ol’ chompers again and was instantly brought back to my abandoned Whitening Strips. This time, though, I remembered a conversation with my friend who told me she whitened her teeth with – wait for it – hydrogen peroxide.


I did some searching online – I honestly didn’t remember the ‘how’ of her process and I didn’t think this is one of those things you can completely ‘wing’ (like my coconut oil experiments).


I came up with a plan of action – I would brush my teeth with a combo of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. And I would do it when my husband was  not looking – this is one those things he would just shake his head about.


Armed with my tools:

  • a baby toothbrush the kids outgrew before I used it ($1.99)
  • my buddy  baking soda (fifty cent at the dollar store)

Sorry, I couldnt help it

  • and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (which cost me a full buck)

First, I brush my teeth with regular toothpaste.

Then, I simply mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 2 parts baking soda in this little bowl (actually, I use an  icing container from a package of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls… I kept it because I thought someday it would come in handy.  Look at me – recycling.).

I then use my baby tooth brush and take care of business brushing my teeth. I spit & rinse as usual.

I try to do it every few days.

I swear I noticed a change in my teeth… Has anyone tried this?  Am I slowly losing my mind?

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