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Adios 2011…. Hola 2012

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I was reflecting on 2011 yesterday.  I was trying to figure out where it went south… 

Then it hit me. 

2011 may have been the best year EVER! 

We were minutes away from losing our Fawn Girl… 

Thankfully, she is still stealing my underwear & climbing on the dining room table.

Dad’s sinus infection was really acute leukemia…

Now he is in remission & made the most fantastic meatballs for Christmas…

My big boy started school(!)

And my little guy’s digestive problems have disappeared….

All in all, 2011 could have really sucked out loud.  However, I would be lying if I didn’t say I am hoping for a much more relaxed 2012… 

Here is to wishing us all a safe, happy & healthy 2012. 

Shopping Adventures : CVS 12/30/2011

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I have a cold sore the size of Toledo… I want to shoot myself.  I have been told that Abreva is fantastic, so I wanted to give it a try.  However, it is a tad pricey ($19.99).

I went to the Abreva site where I found a $2.00 coupon.  Then, just before I left, CVS kindly sent me an email for $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase…. how sweet.

I bought the Abreva for $19.99 & a sippy cup for $4.79.  My total was $25.12.  I led with the $5.00 coupon, followed up with my $2.00 coupon and got the whole shebang for $18.12 with tax.

It is like I got a free sippy cup.  Just shows a little planning goes a long way.  I saved over $7.00 bucks!


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How to Make a Ton of Cookies in Minutes

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I love to make cookies.  I always hated the part where I tried to ball the cookies to put on the baking sheet.  Inevitably, I would eat a bunch as my fingers got all sticky.

Well, my angst has ended.  I have found the answer to my cookie-making prayers. 

I use a melon baller, or as Pampered Chef calls it – the Medium Scoop.  It is fantastic & makes cookie baking a cinch – especially if you leave your dough to soften up a bit.  (I used the big ol’ jug of cookie dough from BJ’s, but have also had success with home made cookies.)

I highly recommend it!

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Dinosaur ROAR!

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Hey!  Sorry, I was off yesterday & I have been bad about planning for the blog lately (this has made my resolution list, though)….

On the positive, though, look at what Max, Daddy & Uncle Loren created? Is it a masterpiece or what?!?!

Poor Uncle Loren – he keeps getting drafted for the sit-for-hours-on-the-floor projects….

Third Time is the Charm…

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So, for the third time this week I have had a breakfast brought to you by McDonalds…. I am now out $15.00 & my jeans are a little snug, if you get my drift….

Freebie : Garnier Moisture Rescue

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Click here to try Garnier’s Moisture Rescue

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Better Late than Never : Wendy’s Kid’s Meal Coupons

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Have you eaten at Wendy’s lately? You know I have….  The kid’s meals come complete with a TRU coupon  for a $10 gift card on a $75 purchase (not good on electronics, though).  Tasty!

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I’ve Got Mail : Freebies in My Mailbox 12/22/2011

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There was some excitement & some disappointment…..


  • U by Kotex Sample Pack
  • Shout Color Catcher Sample
  • Sample of AmLactin
  • My Dove Samples came empty… BOOOOOO
  • Coupon for a free bottle of Activiate
  • $25 gift card to Old Navy/Gap thanks to My Survey (I am testing this out before I recommend, but so far, so good…. more to come soon.)

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