The Tenants of Craig Diet – Revisited

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The boys giving you 'The Look' when you fall off Craig Diet.... :)

Remember, none of these statements has been evaluated by anyone with a medical degree.  This is all just my brilliant but militant husband:

 The Keys:

Volume : The idea is to shrink the size of your stomach & retrain  yourself to eat a ‘normal’ portion, not these goliath portions we are used to.

Frequency: Eat often to get that metabolism going.   Every 2-3 hours is a good guideline.

Avoidance  :  There is no chocolate, fast food or soda /ice tea(diet or not) for the next two weeks.   Also, no exercise (nice….) 

The Sample Menu for the first two weeks:

Wake Up : Handful of Cereal to get something into that stomach

8:00 AM : 1 cup cereal

10:00 AM : Banana

12:30 PM : 1 slice High Fiber Bread with peanut butter.  Apple Juice or Glass of Milk

3:00 PM : Small Snack like pretzels, baby carrots, etc

6:00 PM : Small Sensible Dinner (4 dino nuggets, small dish of pasta & veggies)

8:30 PM : Small snack similar to 3:00 PM.


One heavy glass of red wine is fine with dinner. (SWEET!)

For all the snacks, try to work in fruit and veggies…not always pretzels and wheat thins, etc.  Regulate amount of actual food (volume) intake…not calories.  Obviously a handful of baby carrots is better than wheat thins, but variety will make it feel less like a diet.

If you “need” to go out for lunch, that’s fine.  Eat non fried items.  Have PB for dinner or equivalent light meal.

 Craig’s comments for when you reach the two week mark:

You can work on the mental side.  It sucks to be on a diet…it’s no fun if you’re constantly thinking about what you can eat and what you can’t.  If you have dinner plans, go out and have whatever you want.  And Craig really means whatever!  Burger and shake…sure.  Pasta and problem.  Just be smart about the volume of food.  Eat small portions.  Obviously, you can’t do this a few times a week, but once a week is fine.

 Also do not eat if you’re not hungry.  Sounds silly, but I think this is a problem with a points system.  People with leftover points always want to spend them.  This never made sense to me.  And then the items they spend it on is usually something bad like candy or cake or whatever.  You’re not dealing with the vice…you’re actually helping it stick around.  I also think the body is not on a daily system…more of a weekly or even larger system.  That why eating out is no big deal once in a while. 

Once you do this for a while, your metabolism should be so good that you can add in some cheats.  This is working the mental side again.  It will be ok to have some ice cream or a donut or whatever once in a while.  Just don’t have three donuts or 5 scoops of ice cream in one sitting.  Portion control!  At the same time, work in a balanced diet with veggies and fruits, meat, dairy, and carbs.

 Craig’s thoughts on Exercise:

Work on the body first to get metabolism going.  Do not exercise for the first two weeks.  Your body will have a hard time adjusting…don’t add to it by exercising and making yourself more hungry.  After two weeks, work in exercising.  Not the same routine every day.  Walking/jogging or gym or sporting activity.  This is hard because of time.  Not important to be every day…couple of times a week…even if it’s a short amount of time just to get the heart rate going.  I’m a fan of “tricking” the body.  Getting into a jogging routine of two miles every day will eventually get the body into craving that exercise.  If you mix it up, your body won’t depend on it.  You’ll also need to increase your calories to deal with the exercising.  A little bit more volume of food with lunch and dinner and they can be higher in calories.  Need to be balanced with portion control.


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