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Do you know the web is filled with legit ways to make a few extra bucks? I was shocked too. Over the next few weeks, my pal Theresa & I are going to write about some ways to add a little dinero to your coffers. 

I want to introduce you to Swagbucks.  Now, be nice, because you two are about to become really good friends.

Swagbucks is an online rewards program where you do ‘tasks’ to earn ‘money’ which can be redeemed for ‘rewards’.  (It is not really brain surgery)

Rewards include (but are totally not limited to) gift cards to places such as Barnes & Noble,  JC Penny, Lowes, Home Depot, Paypal Cash & Amazon. 

Are you salivating yet? Daunted by the amount of bucks you need for gift card? Think this is a scam?

I was a skeptic – how could this possibly be legit.  But I am here to tell you – it is totally awesome.  Especially since I have learned a few tricks of the trade….

My 5 minute Daily System for Earning Points:

  • Start the day by doing a few searches at swagbucks.com until you get a message you have earned your swag bucks.  (Remember, if at first you did not succeed try again.. I usually get a reward within 5-6 searches.)  Once you win, stop for a while.  Check back before you leave work for another chance.  Swagbucks needs some time to reset.
  • Take the Daily Poll & earn your rewards
  • Click on the NOSO tab – No Obligation Special Offers
    Click skip and/or next until you get to the end & earn your rewards
  • Check my swagbucks email & see if there are any simple tasks (today I watched a 2 minute video & earned 29 bucks)

 Other Easy Ways to earn points:

  • Click on Trusted Surveys.  You may not qualify, but you can earn some easy bucks by setting up your profiles
  • Tasks – Complete simple tasks such as searches & earn more bucks.  Pretty mindless but rewarding all the same… Good when you have a few minutes to kill.
  • Swagbucks TV.  You can earn 3 points for every 10 you watch.   In theory, you can earn up to 75 bucks a day, but I am not sure if you could mentally get through it.  You can have them running as you work on your computer, which helps…
  • Redeem random codes from their blog or issued on Facebook (honestly, not much luck with this)
  • Check out Special Offers.  Looking to join Mint.com – you can earn bucks doing so!

I have been doing this for around a week & have already earned enough for a $5.00 Amazon gift card.   I have read about multiple people doing all their Christmas Shopping thru Swagbucks… Impressive.

So, check it out & let me know if you like it… Have you figured out any bucks-making tricks? 



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