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Hurricane Irene : Dizee is Getting Ready! (Kiddie Crafts!)

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Well, this is certainly shaping up to being an exciting week….  An earthquake & a hurricane…

I will confess, I am a tad freaked at the thought of being stuck in a house with 2 kids, no electricity&  Irene outside.

So, I am printing out these simple things to do at home… No power required!

Thank you Nick Jr!

Freebie : Free Olay Sample Pack

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Ohhhh… free face stuff.  LOVE IT!

Click here for your Olay Sample Pack.

Thanks Freebie Shark

Freebie : Crest Complete Sample

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Click here for your free Crest Complete Sample…

Alert ! Laundry Crisis

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I am currently experiencing a laundry crisis.  I need to go fold copious amounts of laundry….


Where is grandma when I need her?

Giveaway : Bounce Dryer Bar

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Hey, there is a Bounce Dryer Bar give-a-way on facebook today.  Click here to enter – I love these bounce dryer bars.

Hey, its like lotto, you gotta be in it to win it.

Coupon : Welch’s Jelly

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Hey, head over to Facebook & “Like” Welch‘s.  At 2:00 PM EST they are releasing 5,000 “high value coupons”. 

Last time they were $1.50!!  You know what that means, right?

Really Cheap Jelly!!!

Shopping Adventure : Pathmark 8/23/2011

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  • 2 Kraft Shreded Cheese ($1.99 each)
  • Stonyfield Baby Yogurt (6 pack $3.49, 4 pack $2.75, used FREE coupon)
  • Pierogies($2.00)
  • Kid’s Yogurt ($3.69 – I thought these were on sale… BOO!)
  • Nesquick (On Sale for 1.25, used $.50 which doubled, $.25 total)
  • Hershey’s Chocolate Milk($1.50)
  • Cocoa Crisp Cereal ($1.99 each)
  • Marshmallows($.99)
  • Crackers($2.99)
  • Strawberries ($2.99, used $.50 coupon doubled, $1.99)
  • Special K Crackers ($2.49)
  • Soy Milk (On Sale for 2.99, used $.70 coupon, doubled, $2.29 each)
  • Bananas ($1.99 /lb, $2.17)
  • Strawberries ($2.99, used $.50 coupon, doubled, $1.99)
  • Grapes ($.99 a pound, $2.22 )
  • Honey Wheat Bread ($2.49)
  • Apple Juice ($2.00)


Total Before Coupons : $63.88

Total After Coupons, Store Rewards & Tax $41.00

Reward Yourself : CVS Birthday Coupon!

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Even CVS remembered my birthday!! They gave me a $3.00 coupon towards any purchase with my Extra Cares Card…. ohhhh, the possibilities!!! 

Did you sign up yet????