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Shopping Adventures – CVS 8/31/2011

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I decided I needed a little retail therapy – August has sucked out loud…. 


  • Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner 2 for $6.98 + 1 ECB (Used my Free Coupons)
  • Kiddie Sprinkler $2.49 (usually $9.99!!!)
  • Dawn Hand Care $.99 (used $1.00 coupon from 8/28 P+G )

Total Before Coupons $21.54

Total After Coupons & ECBs (I had $1.99 to use) $.50

Total with Tax : $1.43 !!!!!! plus $1.00 for a future purchase!

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I’ve Got Mail : NOT!!!!

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So, last week saw Earthquakes, Hurricanes & an Empty Mailbox.

It was a very dull week…. and will continue to be while I am swamped. 


SORRY!!!! Next week = FUN WEEK!

Good Day!

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Well, as per usual lately, today is going to be very busy.  In fact, the WEEK is going to be busy – there have been alot of changes at work & I need to do alot of stuff.

So, another day with infrequent posts.  I have also been eating my weight in cookies & ice cream .  I blame Irene.  Since I lost all the food in my fridge, I have alot of shopping to do.

So bear with me, another week and I should be back to normal (or as close to normal as I get…)

Stupid Irene!!!

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We made it through the storm – 27 hours without power & two kids under 3…  We did alot of crafts  (Thank you Nick Jr!)

and lost alot of food… but gained a new found respect for the power of the iPad…. So glad I downloaded the Scooby Doo  & Team Umizoomi to it….

Freebie : Request a Target Sample Pack

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If you have power, here is a good freebie to request.  Seems exciting!!! Lots of samples & coupons!

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Freebie : Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Lotion

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Click here to get your free sample… I do love Eucerin….

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Busy, Busy Day

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 I have ALOT to do at work, so I am not sure how much I am going to post. 

I am sure you are devastated…

Being Hurricane Prepared

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I never really worried about bad weather until I had the kids…  Thought I would share some info I have found helpful:

  • Have cash on hand in case power is out
  • Make sure your car is full of gas
  • Have enough food & water (1 gal/day/person) for 5 days on hand (remember food for the critters too)
  • Multiple Flash Lights – including ones for the kiddies.  They will inevitably want their own.  And extra batteries so you don’t need to worry about conserving power.
  • Fill your tub (or buckets) with water so you can flush your toilet in case there is a problem with the water distribution system
  • Have an emergency plan (ie: where you all will meet in case of disaster)
  • A Go-Kit for the really organized (or those in evacuation zones)
    - First Aid Kit
    - Prescription items
    - Battery Powered Radio
    - Change of Clothes
    - Important Documents in waterproof containers

Lastly, this was posted on Fox 5… I was pleased to see I was not part of the evacuation zone….  Really, it is the little things that make you happy….

Any other tips to add????

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